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WATCH: Dermer Is A Star On MSNBC

"In Israel the Jewish people do not ask others to defend them. In Israel, the Jewish people defend themselves."

Where Was The Huge Show Of International Support After Har Nof Terror Attack?

Terrorism needs to be condemned every time, not just some of the time.

Pilgrimage Of Hate

Quenelle Nazi salute in front of the home of Mohamed Merah, a sign for the Holocaust Memorial in Paris and the Ozar HaTorah school in Toulouse

Quenelle Anti Zionists?

Do you recognise where this picture was taken? Do you know what happened here?

The Animal Of Toulouse

The terrorist who murdered four Jews in cold blood in Toulouse this week was not your typical jihadist. True, he was an animal, but one of the partying kind

Brave Islamic Warrior Guns Down Zionist Ursurpers

I don't really have anything to add to the plethora of editorials and posts on events in Toulouse, France. Partly because I can't actually improve on what has already been said, and partly because I don't have the emotional strength right now to even try


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