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Trayon White: From Barometer to Bar?

Trayon “The Rothschilds Control The Weather” White is heading to law school.

Trayon White Used Constituent Services Fund to Sponsor (Antisemitic) Nation of Islam Event

According to The Washington Post, White donated $500 from his constituent services fund to sponsor a Nation of Islam event, where leader Louis Farrakhan said "powerful Jews are my enemy."

Trayon “The Rothschilds Control The Weather” White Bails on Holocaust Museum Tour

How NOT to show you are not an antisemite, by Trayon White

Trayon White To Try Weather the Storm By Attending Passover Seder

Trayon White Sr, the Washington, DC councilman who suggested on Facebook that rich Jews control the weather, will attend a Passover seder

WATCH: The Rothschild’s Weather Control Exposed!

Because humor is always a great way to deal with this kind of idiocy.

Trayon White Had Accused the Jews of Controlling the World Bank and US Government...

So it turns out D.C Lawmaker Trayon White's comments about the "Rothschilds" controlling the weather was not his first foray into antisemitic conspiracy theories

D.C Lawmaker Trayon White Accuses the Jews of Controlling the Weather

Old and busted: Jews manipulating the financial markets. New hotness: Jews manipulating the weather. 


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