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WATCH: UNHRC’s Hypocrisy Demonstrated in Brilliant Manner

Censored, but point well made

WATCH: Hillel Neuer Of UN Watch Rips Human Rights Abusers Condemning Israel

It had to be said. And when it was, it was said really well.

WATCH: Human Rights Abusers Try To Silence UN Watch

"They can censor at home, but they cannot censor us at the United Nations."

World Is Silent On Four Captive Saudi Princesses

The four women have not been heard from since the death of their father, King Abdullah

Intercepted Communications When Six Is Not Enough

I’m sure you are aware that the number 18 which means life is a holy number to Jews, so passing 18 anti-Israel resolutions would have increased Israel’s discomfort.

Chris Gunness Has More To Worry About Than UN Watch’s Funding

Chris Gunness tries to go on the offensive, and ends up just being offensive.

The World According To UNHRC Condemnation

That’s a funny looking world view you have there, UNHRC.

Explosive Revelations About UNHRC From UN Watch

UN Watch claims Saudi Arabia trades votes to obtain its seat on the UNHRC

Chris Gunness Has Clearly Lost His Mind, But So Far, Not His Job

Update on the United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency

Head of UNHRC Probe Resigns Over Bias Allegations

Any report that comes out of this committee now will be irreparably tainted, both by Schabas's bias and by his lack of personal integrity.

UN to Israel: “You Have Violated Syria’s Fargin’ Rights”

Hillel Neuer, the most hated man at the UN's 'Human 'Rights' Council, does it again.
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