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Another Evil ‘Hero’ of Roger Waters Set to Sit on UN Human Rights Council

Venezuela has submitted its candidacy for a seat on the UN’s highest human rights body

WATCH: Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan Shows the UNHRC Who’s Boss (Spoiler Alert: Not...

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan launched some powerful truth bombs at the UNHRC recently.

WATCH: UNHRC’s Hypocrisy Demonstrated in Brilliant Manner

Censored, but point well made

WATCH: The UNHRC’s Report on Gaza March of Return (For Dummies)

Following yesterday's release of the latest UN Human Rights Council report on Israel and the palestinian Arabs, I realize not everyone has the patience to read the report or even my analysis. So I thought I would make things easier for you.

Flagrant Examples of Bias in Latest UNHRC Report On Gaza March of Return...

Earlier today, the UNHRC released a report on the March of Return riots in Gaza. And like all similar reports before it, it was aimed at condemning Israel, rather than being an objective analysis.

The UNHRC In a Nutshell

Sums it up really

A Face Only A Mother Could Love – But We Can All Meme

Allow me to start it off

WikiLeaks: UN Human Rights Council Nothing More Than “Cudgel With Which To Batter Israel”

So why should they investigate violations of international humanitarian law by palestinians?

WATCH LIVE: UNHRC UN Human Wrongs Council

A live feed from Geneva. If you’ve got the stomach for it.

WATCH: Human Rights Abusers Try To Silence UN Watch

"They can censor at home, but they cannot censor us at the United Nations."

WATCH: Richard Kemp Speaking Truth To The Terrorist Tools At The UNHRC

“This council has become a tool of Hamas’s murderous strategy"

The World According To UNHRC Condemnation

That’s a funny looking world view you have there, UNHRC.

UNHRC’s Schabas Report: No Surprises

The UNHRC's latest installment of Israel-bashing is as divorced from facts as we have come to expect
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