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Arabs Force Us To Make The West Bank Ugly

Permanent and relentless Jihad against Jews living in our sovereign nation is disfiguring our beautiful home.

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”

Yet Another Poll: What Do Palestinian Arabs Think Now?

A two-state solution to the Palestinian Arab versus Israel conflict has the support of just 49% of Palestinian Arabs.

Reader Post: Just the Facts, Jack?

Reader Zahava talks about the power of words

What’s In A Name?

In a name lies a meaningful history and a story

WATCH: Guitar Hero, Take 2

Two brothers, Varda's boys, deal with terror by making a spoof of guitar hero.

New Israel Fund’s Amiram Goldblum Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

"Would someone brave propose a law that forbids raising children in settlements? All settlements are acts of terror” - New Israel Fund council member

Regular As Clockwork, Here Comes A New Olive Tree Libel

It’s another Pallywood chainsaw massacre and their coming for the olive trees.

Palestinian West Bank: Occupation Growing

The statistics are unimpeachable: 2% more occupation than last year!
sunset, alon shvut

New York Times Corrects Gil Marks

The New York Times wants Gil Marks corrected and he has no say in the matter.

Joe’s World: Freedom vs Justice

I acknowledge apartheid exists (in the "West Bank")

Inside The Trojan Horse: Unlimited Jewish Ignorance

Ryan Bellerose exposes the duplicity of a Trojan Horse that bashes Israel from within.

ZionistentityCare™: The Doctor Makes House Calls

Once again the evil Zionist empire enslaves the Palestinian people by sending friendly doctors round to look after them.

Crash Course US History Starts At 1948

When an educational channel errs, a million people are led to believe a biased narrative about Israel.
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