Arabs Force Us To Make The West Bank Ugly


I’m only using the #FakeNews term “West Bank” in the title to draw in more clicks. It is an invented term to describe the land the Jordanians had conquered and illegally occupied in 1949.

Driving through the otherwise achingly beautiful biblical heartland of Israel, I’m horrified by how some of it looks. As you drive along amongst the beautiful and largely empty hills the roadsides are littered with huge, ugly concrete blocks. There are concrete watch towers and fences and military equipment. Every bus stop is protected.

Hills around Amona – Photo: Brian of London
Neve Eretz: – Photo: Brian of London

This came to mind yesterday with the amazing footage of the car Jihad terrorist attack at the Gush Etzion junction:

Dave pointed out how this was maliciously covered, as usual, but it made me look at those yellow bollards that clearly saved Jewish lives yesterday. As it is a pregnant woman was taken to hospital clearly shocked by her near death experience. Those same yellow bollards can be seen at this other bus stop from another attack last year (this time with a knife).

Screenshot YouTube

The yellow bollards which saved lives are relatively pretty: all over the disputed territories you see even worse horrible, concrete ugliness. And all of it is dedicated to preventing Arab terrorists from killing Jews. Look at this screen of awfulness from Google:

Google search: West Bank concrete

Banksy can paint his stupid pictures on the wall but that doesn’t make walls look pretty. And as yesterday demonstrated, without this stuff many more Jews would be dying.

This leaves me profoundly sad. It reinforces the entire message of “who’s indigenous”. I’m ashamed of how we have to defend ourselves and how this makes our beautiful country look. The permanent and relentless Jihad against Jews living in our sovereign nation is disfiguring our beautiful home. If the Arabs cared about this land more than they cared about driving Jews from it or subjecting us again to dhimmitude under Islam, they wouldn’t be doing this.

Judean Desert – Photo: Brian of London

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