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Notable Omission From List of UK Music Stars Calling For End To Racism Including...

More than 700 people UK music industry artists, songwriters, producers, managers, labels, producers and companies have written this open letter calling for an end...

UK Pop Star-Producer Mark Ronson Rips Black Newspaper The Voice Over Sympathetic Wiley Interview

UK pop star and producer Mark Ronson has hit out at black newspaper The Voice over a sympathetic interview with Wiley after the grime star's antisemitic tirade got him banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

WATCH: Wiley Apologizes for Generalizing Against Jews…Then Generalizes Again Against Jews

How NOT to apologize for antisemitic comments, by Wiley.

A Guardian Gaffe for the Ages

In a piece entitled I joined the Twitter boycott – but racism on social media is just the tip of the iceberg, columnist Owen Jones laments racism not just on social media, but in British society. But check out the photo used.

LISTEN: Rap Riposte to Wiley

Written & recorded in less than a day

Jeremy Corbyn Springs Into Action Following Rapper Wiley’s Antisemitic Meltdown

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently became aware of the antisemitic tweets of rapper Wiley, someone with whom he corresponded before.


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