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Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield’s Day Just Got Worse

I've already outed her as an antisemite. Readers have contacted her purported past clients, and all those who have responded want nothing to do with her, and are asking her to remove their logos from her site. So how could things get worse for this detestable human being?

WATCH: BDS Fail By Rashida Tlaib & Friends

Some more BDS hypocrites

Website Complaining About Israeli Tech Caught Using…Israeli Tech

This Israel-hating website has a post on Israel unveiling "a global system for tracking online anti-Semitism."  Notice the huge fail?

Fail! Lara Kollab Went to Orthodox Jewish College, Used Israeli Website Platform

This Jew-hating, BDS-supporting piece of work can add hypocrite to the laundry list of things she is

The Hate Israel BDS Crowd Still Can’t Find An Alternative To Israeli Wix

Another #BDSFail when the other side makes a lame attempt at hacking us with our own tech.

Max Blumenthal’s Laughable Excuse For Using Israeli Web Development Platform

He is either lying or is just pretty useless

BDS Blumen Fail

For Max Blumenthal, it is do as I say, not as I do

BDS Fail Of The Day: The Witches Of Mideast Wix Edition

CodePink seem to have trouble boycotting Israel
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