Fail! Lara Kollab Went to Orthodox Jewish College, Used Israeli Website Platform

Following yesterday’s viral post on antisemitic doctor Lara Kollab, who among other things tweeted she would purposefully give Jews the wrong medications, a number of interesting things have come to light, thanks to some eagle-eyed readers.

Firstly, the Canary Mission post I based mine on had mentioned she graduated from the Touro College Of Osteopathic Medicine (Touro) – a Jewish college with an officially Orthodox Jewish identity! (i.e it has an official Orthodox identity and is based on Orthodox Values, while having Orthodox Divisions like the Haredi ‘Lander College of Arts and Sciences’ and the General Orthodox Lander College division). What’s more, it has deep connections to Israel in a partnership with Ariel university in Samaria for joint programs overseas, as well as a division in Israel so American Orthodox students in Yeshiva and Seminary in Israel can take college courses or earn college credits though partner Israeli Yeshivas and seminaries.

For their part, Touro are shocked.

If that wasn’t bad enough, her website that I publicized (which has since been taken down, presumably because I encouraged you all to let her know there how you feel about her Jew hatred), was a Wix website.

Wix is an Israeli company.

So there you have it. This Jew-hating, BDS-supporting piece of work can add hypocrite to the laundry list of things she is.

Better hypocrite than Hippocratic Oath as far as I am concerned.

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