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Yemen Rejects UNICEF School Bags…Because Contained Maps Showing Israel

emen has rejected a proposed UNICEF assistance of 786 school bags containing maps bearing the name “Israel” instead of Palestine

Sky News’ Alex Crawford Ignores Houthi Antisemitism

Sky News correspondent correspondent Alex Crawford as Houthis curse the Jews: no antisemitism to see here, move along

Why Report From Yemen When There Is Bacon In Jerusalem?

It is not necessary for the established media to lie about something for them to create a completely #FakeNews impression.

That’s A Hell Of A Bigoted Opinion You Got There Kerry

Remember that time when John Kerry made snide remarks about casualties caused by his own armed forces? No, me either.

The Deliberate Extermination Of Judaism In Yemen

Yemenite Jews have more right to be in Yemen than the alien Arab/Muslim culture that’s replaced them by conquest.

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Have A Clue About Israel

But the problem is bigger than one misinformed, uninformed US aspiring Presidential candidate.

Yemen: Five Civilians Killed For Every One Combatant

Yemen UN death report: 5200 killed, civilians accounted for almost 4,500 of them, or roughly 86 percent.

At Least This Time They Tried?

Yet again, CNN fails with Yemen coverage

CNN Fails Again, This Time With Yemen Reporting

Where is CNN's loop montage showing civilian casualties in Yemen?

Take Off And Nuke From Orbit

It’s the only way to be sure.

Photo Of The Day

This photo is screaming out for a caption.

A Real Bummer

It's stories like this that make blogging oh so easy. The failed assassination attempt on Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security...

Muslim Cross-Dressers

From the Saudi Gazette: Two illegal Yemeni immigrants, disguised as women, were arrested at a checkpoint near Asir. Lt. Col. Abdullah Bin Ayidh Al-Qarni, spokesperson...
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