That’s A Hell Of A Bigoted Opinion You Got There Kerry

I’m really not interested in bashing America or America’s armed forces. Wars are vicious, horrible events to be avoided at all costs. The war in Syria is no exception.

And then there is the Saudi bombing of Yemen (with American weapons of course) though you can’t expect Iran’s propaganda outlet Press TV to be objective on any particular report, there’s unequivocal evidence that a hell of a lot of civilians are being killed in Yemen. Last year the UN put civilian deaths there at 5 times more than armed combatants are being killed.

Israel has absolutely cast iron reasons for going to war in Gaza that are completely defensive and designed to prevent ongoing attacks on Israeli civilians. Neither the Saudis in Yemen or the Americans in Syria can claim their actions are directly linked to stopping attacks on their civilians emanating from those countries.

So let us remember two years ago when John Kerry was caught on an open mic saying this about IDF operations in Gaza with a completely sarcastic tone indicating his firm conviction that Israel was just bombing Gaza for the sake of it:

“It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” he said during the call, which was broadcast on “Fox News Sunday.”

And remember this quote about counting how many noses the US military “shwack” from Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby:

I’d like to make two points. First of all, we don’t have the ability to — to count every nose that we shwack [sic]. Number two, that’s not the goal. That’s not the goal. The less of these guys that are out there, certainly that’s the better, but the goal is to degrade and destroy their capabilities.

Well I’m glad Israeli politicians are too polite to be caught on TV making sarcastic, backhand remarks critical of the US when America’s armed forces “shwack” the wrong civilian noses and the world quickly moves on to worrying about two paragraphs in a speech.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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