Yemen: Five Civilians Killed For Every One Combatant

Hey Chris Gunness and the rest of the Jew hating NGO armies in Israel: do you cry for these people?

The following report from the UN has received almost no attention.

Bombs In Yemen Kill, Injure Five Civilians For Every Armed Casualty

Airstrikes, tank shells and IEDs used by both sides in Yemen’s ongoing war are wiping out an alarming number of innocent people, according to a new report

Innocent men, women and children are bearing the brunt of bomb blasts and other explosions that have rocked Yemen throughout its ferocious war, as nearly nine out of ten casualties have been civilians, a new report by an international monitoring group shows.

At least 5,200 people in the country were killed or maimed by airstrikes, tank shells and other explosive devices between January 1 and July 31, according to statistics compiled by Action on Armed Violence, a London-based organization that tracks incidents, deaths and injuries caused by such weapons. Among those casualties, civilians accounted for almost 4,500 of them, or roughly 86 percent.

Those figures mean that about 21 civilians have been killed or injured in Yemen each day since January, while daily casualties for armed fighters was just four. Action on Armed Violence also found that explosions killed or injured more civilians in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, during the first seven months of 2015 than anywhere else in the world.

That’s from the site Vocative because I can’t find the New York Times report covering a UN OCH report called: STATE OF CRISIS: EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS IN YEMEN (pdf). And this is just January to July 2015. They’re still fighting.

Remember when we pointed out the enormous care the IDF went to in order to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza last year and how well it worked? And remember when every single night the world’s news carried another item about Gaza?

It’s pretty clear, after the dust settled, that the IDF is the best in the world at fighting carefully when the enemy deliberately hides in built up areas behind his own civilians. The ratio in Gaza of civilians to combatants is almost certainly better than 1 to 1. Quite possibly the most careful fighting ever in built up areas.

And it’s bloody obvious that neither the Saudi led Arab coalition in Yemen or the other Arabs they’re fighting give a damn. And it’s pretty obvious, now, that the dramatic over exposure of the IDF fighting is because Jew hatred. They only care when Jews do it. And they’ll ignore anything else.

Here are some stark info graphics from the UN that nobody in the world will see.

State-of-Crisis Yemen Civilian Deaths State-of-Crisis Yemen Monthly Deaths State-of-Crisis Yemen Populated vs Unpopulated


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