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WATCH: Drone Footage of Yom Ha’zikaron Memorial Day Motorway Siren

I decided to take my new drone to see what it looks like when the siren sounds at 11am on Yom Ha’zikaron, Israel’s memorial day for the fallen in wars and those murdered in acts of terrorism

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day) 2018

A nation remembers

The Siren

Memorial Day siren is loud and demands your attention. More, it demands your heart and your tears.

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day) 2017

A nation remembers

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day) 2016

A nation remembers

Building Up The Nakba Myth Condemns Arabs To Perpetual Victimhood

It’s a long, lonely, terrifying, yet exhilarating walk, out of the forest of hate.

The Good Stuff From Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut

A few pictures from a few days.

Richard Silverstein’s Israeli Memorial Day Tweet

What we've come to expect

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day) 2015

A nation remembers
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