NY Israel Day Parade Photos: Terror Supporters Inc.

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Israellycool reader Dan was at the Israel Day Parade in New York on June 1st, and took some good snaps, the most interesting of which are below the fold.

Who said genocidal Muslim protesters don’t have a sense of humor? (Juice=Jews. Get it?)

He apparently also does more subtle humor

Here he is borrowing from other comedians (albeit a comedian of the cheap murderous coward ape kind)

It wouldn’t be an anti-Israel protest without some good old fashioned Holocaust denial (held by someone who looks like the Muslim equivalent of Forest Gump)

Some more subtlety on display, this time from the “Islamic Thinkers Society.” The Curious George lookalike wearing the tea cozy looks especially intellectual

Finally, this pretty much sums up these people

They are not looking for a peaceful, two-state solution at all, and are genuinely happy over the murder of innocents.

Note the red hand no walking sign, which I see as an unintentional reminder of this.

Update: Dan writes:

I was the one who snapped the photos in New York. I wish I got more of them. The guy with the Coward Apes and Throw the Jew Down the Well signs was giving the Nazi salute numerous times during the parade and was screaming and swearing at elementary school children as they marched in the parade. He would then point at the penny or the Death to all “Juice” signs and then point to the children. Also, There was a massive Palestinaian flag that was hung behind some trees. What is most disgusting is that Nuterai Karta Jews were standing next to the Holocaust deniers and cheering them on.

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