At Our Stinky Best

I’m guessing this is our Zionist Death Dung.TM

The Border Guard has begun using a new means of contending with riots coined “Skunk”.

The police developed this new method for scattering violent demonstrations and tested its effectivity in the last demonstration which took place in the West Bank village of Naalin.

Use of the “Skunk” is by means of an especially foul-smelling liquid spraying machine.

Over the past few years, security forces have been compelled to deal with a large number of demonstrations against construction of the separation fence in the West Bank village of Bilin and lately, in Naalin.

Until now, forces used rubber bullets, tear gas and shock grenades in order to disperse crowds who burned tires and threw stones at soldiers.

The police searched for a solution in order to deal with riots and simultaneously reduce the number of injuries. Thus, it was decided to “enlist” the “Skunk” for dispersing riots.

On Friday, during a protest that took place near Naalin, Border Guard officers used the “skunk” for the first time in order to scatter the violent rioters in the area.

Use of the new apparatus began upon receipt of all necessary authorizations and after operational, health-related and legal instruction were given by the body which created this technology.

Border Guard Commander Yisrael Yitzhak, who is responsible for use of the “Skunk”, also authorized its usage.

“Skunk” is operated by two manual systems and one water-spraying machine. However, instead of spraying water the foul-smelling material is sprayed.

The Border Guard reported that after the first usage of the “skunk” the Palestinians fled in order to shower and change clothes.

And there is the genius of the idea right there. Besides dispersing the crowds as planned, we also get to exacerbate the palestinian water shortage.

Update: Come to think of it, this explains the palestinian protester from the other day.

He wasn’t acting; he just got a really good whiff.

Update: Commenter enrico says it perfectly:

…will the protesters even notice that they smell bad?

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Facebook Comments

  • enrico

    Hey dave, (first time commenter,frequent visitor).
    This plan may backfire, I remember reading a letter from
    Napoleon to Josephine where he wrote, “I’ll be home In two weeks….don’t wash”.
    What If the skunk smell Is a turn-on for the women and they actually start more protests In order to get sprayed?
    Then on the other hand will the protesters even notice that they smell bad?
    Just to let you know, I am from Italy,have family In Sydney,Napoli,venezuela,argentina,canada, And we all are on Israels Side….You have a great site and be sure that all well thinking people In the world are with you .

  • Aussie Dave


    Nice to have you on board and looking forward to more great comments from you in future (I wish I had thought of the “will the protesters even notice that they smell bad?” line!)

  • http://none JenBee

    Yeah, Israel is busy looking for ways to disperse a murderous, seething, raging hoard without causing injury or death, yet will STILL be taken to task for even daring to defend itself… while Russia gets to roll tanks into a city packed with civilians and have jets overhead arbitrarily bomb civilians while ‘defending’ itself. And Russia’s enemies are wearing a uniform; they don’t blend into civilian homes and populaces while fighting.

    Yep, sounds like the usual state of events of the world.

  • bubbe

    So is this the beginning of the Skunk Boy Saga, ala Rage Boy, Green Helmet Man, Bullet Woman, etc.? Can’t keep those Israeli’s down when it comes to dramatic story lines and, er, ah, ‘recycling’ Palestinian waste material possibly???? Using hoses sure beats scooping up the dreck and chucking it back at ‘em.

  • Stan

    This is a good idea. Injuries (real or fake) make these people into celebrities. Stink bombs make them social outcasts.


  • Findalis

    I understand that it is the odor of 1 million unwashed Army socks after a 50k hike.

    No wonder that guy almost passed out.

  • Capitalist Infidel

    I’d be afraid it would be an aphrodisiac to the Palestinians.

  • indga

    Gosh! I love you Israelis!!! Ingenious, inventive, compassionate to the extent of risking your own lives. I wish heaven had made me such a man!

  • Lucas

    The stench of kosher Jewish pig shit is smelled all over the world.

    הכל חוזר אליך וקקה בידיך

  • indga

    Lucas, be nice to the Arabs. Just cuz you don’t like ‘em is no reason to call ‘em “kosher Jewish pig shit.”

  • Susan

    I was all set to rant, and there JenBee said everything I was going to say & better. SO I figure I should at least tip the hat to JenBee for the fabulous post.

  • Ms. Missive

    grrr… and I posted this article long before the others.

    :::looking towards the heavens:::

    “One day I’ll get some LGF link love. One day.”

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  • SnoopyTheGoon

    Nothing a few liters of Economica can’t deal with. Make one a good deal whiter too. As a bonus of a kind.

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