The Latest in Palestinian Kid’s Entertainment


Ma’an News reports:

New clown and puppet show gives relief to Gazan children

No, it’s not another Olmert-Abbas meeting.

Clowns and puppets are the instruments of the “Jad and Le’b” clown troupe performing for Gazan orphans in Jabalia, a Gaza City suburb. The group uses new techniques to engage children and provide a meaningful respite from what is too often daily misery.

The performers present plays with elaborate puppets which interact with the children; working to bring the kids into the world of the theatre.

Zouzou Sultan the group director and the maker of the puppets said that her group is specialized in providing entertainment to kids through puppet plays which deal in a meaningful way with the events of children’s lives, but at the same time are able to introduce joy and pleasure into their hearts.

Sultan added that the performers made all of the puppets and props by hand, and organized all of the elements of the show for Gaza’s orphans.

The group put on the plays with help from the Jabalia Charitable Society. The society’s chairman Mustafa Ali said that “Jad and Le’b” are active in the community and “engage perfectly with the kids by providing a variety of entertainment.” They also present similar shows for other private associations and kindergartens in the area.

Ali stressed the need for such entertainment for Palestinian children. Shows like “Jad and Le’b” provide kids with much needed recreational programs, he added. “These shows are needed,” he concluded, “to raise kids on good morals and with good education to increase the sense of belonging.”

Here’s hoping these morals and education are not like those taught by palestinian children’s favorites Farfur, Nahoul and Assud.

I’m also thinking they might want to change the name of one of the puppets.

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