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Today’s Delusions of Grandeur award goes to that annoying little turd otherwise known as the Dubai police chief.

dubai police chiefThe police chief of Dubai has told a newspaper he received death threats from Israeli spy agency Mossad, after leading an investigation that fingered Mossad for killing  a Hamas  leader in the Gulf Arab emirate.

Dubai’s police chief, Dahi Khalfan Tamim, led the probe into the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was killed in a Dubai hotel in January. The investigation was unusually public for the region and made Tamim a hero in the Arab world.

Tamim’s revelations about the suspects in a series of press conferences and media interviews — that the hit squad used fake passports from Britain, Ireland, Germany, France and Australia — strained Israel’s relationship with several countries.

In an interview published on Thursday, Tamim told United Arab Emirates government-owned daily al-Ittihad he believed Mossad was behind two threats he had received, one in an e-mail and the other in a phone call to one of his relatives.

He said Dubai police had managed to track the email’s source, but gave no more details. The e-mail said: “Protect your back if you are going to keep your tongue loose”.

Oh, puleeze. The Mossad could not care less about this poor man’s Inspector Clouseau. I suspect the only thing he should protect his back from is someone slapping a Kick Me sticker to it.

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  • Joel

    He really is enjoying his 15 mintues isn't he? Hey the real killers of al-Mabhuh were Art Vandelay, Tim Watley, Cosmo Kramer, Suellen Mischke, Frank Costanza, Morty Seinfeld, Bob Sacammano and David Puddy – yeah that's right.

  • AEWHistory

    So has anyone followed this closely? Remember when this happened the UAE said that they could prove, unequivocally, that Israel was behind this assassination and that they'd be able to complete their investigation soon. That was, what, six months or so ago. About a month ago the UAE announced that they MIGHT be able to prove Israel's involvement.

    Amazing! Usually investigations go the other way: you start not knowing who "done" the crime and slowly you collect evidence until you can prove who did it! For the Arabs it seems like investigating seems to invariably go like this:
    1. Israel did it, we can prove it!
    2. Israel did it, we might be able to prove it!
    3. Israel probably did it!
    4. Israel might have done it!
    5. Israel didn't do it, but they were surely involved.
    6. Israel didn't do it, they weren't involved, but we can prove that there was a Jew within a thousand miles of the crime scene… so there must be a connection.
    7. Okay, there's no connection, but Israel is humiliating us…. because we are trying to pin these crimes on them and they won't stick… so we look like fools!
    8. Oh damnit, nevermind…. where's my camel?
    9. Go away, I don't wanna talk to you anymore.
    10. Something else happened? The Israelis did it…. and I can prove it!!!!

  • juvanya… this guy is delusional and ignorant

    • AEWHistory

      Oh…. my….. what a loony toon! OTOH, he's a good propagandist I suppose, but not for our side. However, either way you look at it, that was not a genuine critique of the current state of affairs, nor was it reasonable in light on the recent past. The only kudos I could give it is that, yes, if the Palestinians we're to embrace a completely peaceful national movement they would likely get much further with Israelis at this point and possibly give traction to a genuine peace movement in Israel again.

      In case you're wondering, I'm not holding my breath…..

  • Fenway_Nation

    Delusions of adequacy is more like it.

  • Shy Guy
    • AEWHistory

      Oh that's a great link, thanks! I remember when that stuff was going on…. sheer madness. Looking back on it, why in the world does anyone in the entire world believe a g-ddamn thing that the Arab states have to say? I mean that sincerely. Over the past, I dunno, ten, twenty, fifty, sixty, hundred years, these states and peoples have so thoroughly undermined any credibility they ought to have as well as any benefit of the doubt that could be expected to be given. And yet, it seems like they've got no limit to their "credibility line" and they receive the benefit of the doubt from nearly every corner. Why? Is it a lack of historical perspective? Is it philo-Arabic/-Islamic sympathies? Is it the oil? Is it the hot, burka-wearing chicks? Or is the felafel just THAT good! That's it, it's gotta be the felafel…..

      • Don Cox

        It’s the oil.

        • AEWHistory

          I know that seems like the obvious and most likely answer, and it surely is a major factor (especially today), but that cannot explain the entirety of the extent of Arabphilism. Consider the fairly potent voice that Arabs muster during the First World War when oil was a much less important resource (and Arabia was not the center of oil production), not to mention the increased voice Arabs had shortly after the war even though the resource picture had changed relatively little.

          No, I think oil is the difference between Arabs having a slightly over-represented voice and the wildly over-represented voice, but even without that oil it seems like they receive greater deference than most peoples. After all, how does one explain the deference shown to Arab/Muslim states without oil?

          Efraim Karsh recently released a book on Islamic imperialism. Although I think that the book has some significant conceptual holes, as well as some other issues, I think he's onto something there and this seems like a good explanation: the Arab and Muslim states, and especially Arab-Muslim states, are so imperialist, that the other states in the world have attempted to appease them in the hopes of avoiding a great conflict. We all know how well that works….

  • James@buy a coffee machine

    Hi I have a quick question. When I goto my browser page is solid black. XP Win IE latest version. ???

    • AEWHistory

      I don't know if anyone has answered you, and since I'm not the site owner I can only be so helpful, but I'll give it a go. First off, it might be that IsraellyCool is being viewed as a hostile/vulnerable site by your browser. Second, it is possible that the site uses a plugin (?) that you don't have loaded. Third, you might have a oldish version of IE. (Edit: Okay, just noticed you said you have the latest IE version, so scratch that…. try checking security settings and things of that nature, maybe put IsraellyCool on a 'safe' list).

      I use Firefox, so pardon me if this isn't very useful. The owner is a very nice gent, I think his name is Dave. The contact e-mail isn't always returned, but you can normally track him down on these comment threads if you can load them. I happen to really dislike IE, so my easy solution would be to say try Firefox, but I certainly understand if you're not keen to go that route.

      Best of luck and I hope that this is of some help,

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  • Tyisha Claycomb

    Tkahns alot �C your answer solved all my problems after several days struggling

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