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Fake News Alert: Egyptian News Site Claims Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan Flashed Her...

Clearly Sarah Idan is pissing off many haters out there, including some in Egypt where this news site is located

Antisemites Claim The Mossad Killed Kobe Bryant

In the wake of yesterday's tragic death of basketball star Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and other passengers on his helicopter, some have suggested the Mossad was behind the crash.

WATCH: Eli Cohen, Our Man in Damascus

The fascinating real story of legendary Mossad agent Eli Cohen.

WATCH: Trailer for Netflix’s Series on Legendary Israeli Spy Eli Cohen

Yet another Netflix series based on Israel's legendary Mossad exploits

Israel Haters Kicking More Own Goals

It's the ultimate game of broken telephone.

Operation: Mary Lockhart

You can say we took care of things in Mary's house yesterday. Enjoy the ants, Mary.

“One of the Most Brazen Heists in Modern History”

Old and busted: Mossad stole my shoe. New hotness: Mossad stole my nuclear archive

Malaysian Police Release Photos of Suspected Killers of Hamas Terrorist

Malaysian police on Monday released computer generated photographs of two men suspected of gunning down a Palestinian man in Kuala Lumpur

The Amazing Story of the Mossad-Run Holiday Resort

The Mossad at their ingenious best

Operation: WhatsApp With Hamas?

The Twitter account @HamasInfoEn tweeted on Tuesday an invitation to join their WhatsApp group for the latest "statements and comments" related to The Hamas Movement

The Mossad IL: The Other Other Israeli Intelligence Agency

The parody Mossad guy introduces the Mossad. Well, his version of it, at least

Hamas Gets Into Spat with Parody Mossad Account

I will continue to enjoy the fact our enemies are so dumb

Richard Silverstein Falls for Spoof (Yet Again)

Undone by the Mossad!


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