Another BDS Protest Shoots Itself In The Head


Brian of London here again… no idea where Dave has slopped off to!

The poisonous organisation, Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) had the wonderful idea to find every Israeli product they can in the UK supermarket Tesco, put them all in their trolley and take them to the check out. Once there they allow the Tesco checkout person to scan everything and then, in such a witty and ironic statement of defiance, they refuse to pay and start lecturing all around on the evils of buying Jewish and Israeli products.

Wait for the fireworks when the rightly annoyed lady behind them in the queue realise what they’re up to!

Update 20 Dec – MPACUK have realised that their pathetic video is now more popular among their enemies than their own little fan base so they’ve hidden it. Foreseeing this here is the .flv file, you can take it and upload it to your own YouTube accounts. The more the merrier. I’ll link every one here if you let me know in the comments.

MPACUK Tesco Jew Boycott Fail

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