A Minor Clash

palestinian slingshot
A photographer take photos of Palestinian youth using a slingshot during minor clashes which erupt in the East Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood on December 26, 2010, as Israeli police increased security in the area to avoid clashes following a municipality order to evict a Palestinian family from their house. AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images

Why are my spidey senses telling me that by “minor” clash, the AFP caption writer does not mean “a clash initiated by minors”? Perhaps because he already let us know the clash just happened to “erupt”?

I’m guessing that in the AFP dictionary, a clash is defined as “minor” if it is triggered by palestinians.

Either way, the presence of the photographer should clue you in to where they stand – right alongside the palestinians.

Update: Even the palestinian Ma’an News agency calls the clashes “fierce.”

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