I’m Guessing It’s Not To Send Me A Christmas Card

Courtesy of the DouchebloggerTM

Sounds to me like a threat.

Not to mention a gross misuse of the word “mitzvah.”

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  • walt kovacs

    the man is twisted

    shall i repost his addy and phone number?

  • Gerald

    Well done Aussie Dave!
    That you are irritating ‘Israel’s very own Lord Haw Haw’
    by exposing his lies, ignorance and hypocrisy should be worn as a badge with pride.

  • mzk1

    Wow! If I ever though you were obsessed, I take it all back. He’s got a problem.

  • Jim from Iowa

    This jerk generally doesn’t hold much interest for me, because, really, who is he, anyway? But he’s making it really personal with this call to identify Dave’s real name. “To what end?” is the question that comes into my mind.

  • Mark
  • A F

    We already know Aussie Dave’s “real ID”.
    He’s Jewish, Australian, and lives in Israel.
    None of that is false.

    What more do we need to know?

    Aside from the gross privacy violations and general creepiness he is suggesting, what can he possibly hope to achieve if he finds out Aussie Dave’s full name/address/phone number?

    • Jim from Iowa

      And he has an inexplicable affinity for “Star Wars.” But this not a sufficient reason to do AussieDave harm, either. I know he’s asked readers to contribute to a computer fund in the past, but I hope a fund drive for a new home security system is not in the works.

  • juvanya

    If he had any braincells he would be able to figure out Daves identity, but it might cost him.

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