Seth Rogen Teaches Hebrew To Elmo

Hollywood actor Seth Rogen teaches Elmo an important word in Hebrew

Of course, it’s not overly used in Israel.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers.

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Elmo Learns Hebrew | Clay and Water
24 November 2011 at 6:11pm
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  • Jim from Iowa

    Maybe Elmo should change his name to Shlomo. I todah AussieDave and Brian of London for bringing this wonderful site to us all. I am thankful for all my Israeli and Jewish friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Shy Guy

      The word for “turkey” in Hebrew is “hodu”, which means “to give praise”. Since this is a modern Hebrew term, I assume this is no coincidence.

      “Hodu” is also the Hebrew name for the country India, as sited in the Story of Esther, 1:1

      And the present day country Turkey is simply “Turkiya” in Hebrew.

      • Vladimir

        Actually, the name of the bird in question is etymologically closer to India than to Turkey or the feeling of gratitude. To wit: the Russian word for turkey is “indeyka” (meaning: “American Indian” chicken), which makes sense, considering where turkeys are from. I have no doubt that Eliezer ben Yehuda’s familiarity with Russian influenced his thinking in coining this and many other modern Hebrew words…

        • Shy Guy

          In Yiddish, a turkey is an “indik”; very close to “Hindu”.

          An Indian is an Indish in Yiddish.

          Maybe Ben Yehuda combined the best of both possibilities.

    • soloman4israel

      jim may your thanksgiving day be a happy one for you and our american friends enjoy your day

  • soloman4israel

    seth rogen teaches another muppet (ron paul) the meaning of allies/friends after his comment, that if israel attacks iran thats their business but they should suffer
    the consequences.
    may-be ron paul will enjoy having some-bodys hand up his back side during his training its a lot softer than the boot i hope he gets for this un- generous/hatefull comment towards
    our people and country

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