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Help! My Son The Jewish Comedian is Drowning in Shtick

A follow-up letter to Seth Rogen from reader A Yid in Dixieland

About Seth Rogen’s Latest “Non-Apology”

Following his offensive comments about Israel last week, actor-comedian Seth Rogen is in hot water again, this time for making out like he did not really mean an apology he made to the Jewish Agency.

Seth Rogen, You Aren’t Making Sense!

Message from a fan

Mandatory Reading (Especially For Seth Rogen)

Following Jewish actor and comedian Seth Rogen's incredibly ignorant and damaging comments about Israel, many have written their own responses - some good, some bad, and some something in between. Why Seth Rogen’s Anti-Israel Rant Matters by David Harsanyi, senior writer for National Review, is among the best I have seen

Actor-Comedian Seth Rogen Gets Himself Into a Pickle Questioning Israel’s Existence

Rogen says he was “fed a huge amount of lies about Israel” and questioned why the state should exist.

Oy Vey JDate!

JDate's latest monumental fail

Seth Rogen Teaches Hebrew To Elmo

Hollywood actor Seth Rogen teaches Elmo an important word in Hebrew


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