Responding to the #Israelhaters

The Blaze reports on the latest in the online war against Israel.

Does Israel “hate?” According to some Palestinian activists and their social media enthusiasts, the Jewish state is one of the most violent and horrendous nations in the world — one that some of these individuals claim doesn’t have the right to exist.

Last night, to the surprise and horror of many, #IsraelHates became a word-wide Twitter trend. Now, you don’t have to be a Twitter aficionado to understand the implications of this hate-fueled development.

The “hashtag” (a hashtag is a keyword or topic that is used on Twitter; when hashtags become popular, they “trend.”) is being used to slam the Israeli state, while defending Palestine’s right to take back its self-proclaimed homeland.

So many people around the globe joined in on the anti-Israel bandwagon that the hashtag quickly become one of the most popular in the world.

While pro-Israel activists launched a #LoveIsrael hashtag in response, I preferred to hijack the #Israelhates one to spread the truth about Israel, as well as about her opponents – an endeavour on which I spent a good part of the last few hours. Here are my tweets (and those responding to mine) for those inspired to do the same.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I suppose this is what happens these days to children’s letters to Santa Claus-they just become a Twitter hashtag trend topic and then disappear. DAMN YOU TWITTER!

  • shosh

    You know about (not to be confused with

    Note how the wikipedia entry on pacbi links to it!

    • z303

      Could you be more specific? If there is a Wikipedia issue perhaps we can fix it.

  • z303

    Kol Hakovod!

  • z303

    Here’s an interview with some college students (YAF at Penn State nad Republican Bruins at UCLA) fighting the anti-Israel crowd at their respective campuses. (For their trouble, the Bruins were condemned by the UCLA Senate.)

    Interview by S.E. Cupp (a declared atheist, BTW).

  • walt kovacs

    basically, all the filthy jew haters have left is twitter and facebook stunts…they are now an abolute joke…not less dangerous…but a joke…may they all go to visit egypt and suffer the same fate as mona eltahawy

    as for the ucla students…they were not condemned for israel support, they were condemned for inviting horowitz, who is a clown

    whats funny is that the complaint came from the msa, who constantly bring jew hating speakers onto campus…then go into an absolute tizzy and scream islamaphobia, if anyone complains about that

    many of the comments on your link are hilarious and scary

    • z303

      There are a few anti-semites who tend to jump in. On some sites they lay in wait. I suspect some are posting from the ME.

      Regarding Horowitz, he is gold with me, but if you can’t get past your politics… I think he goes too far sometimes – you can’t ask a Moslem to repudiate a verse in the Koran – but at least he is willing ot do something.

      You ought to appreciate that a few conservative students, with nothing really to gain, had the personal courage to stand up against a huge number of anti-semites and Israel-haters, many from countries with, shall we say, a terrorist heritage?

      Isn’t the MSA an offshoot of the Moslem Brotherhood? If they were a right-wing organization, you think they would have been allowed to operate? I recall when a group in Montreal set up a “chackpoint” at a university and kicked an elderly Holocaust survivor in the privates.

      How would you like to be a Jewish student at one of the more extreme of these places? Open your eyes, man!

    • z303

      P.S. Thank you for looking at it.

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