You Can’t Just Ignore A Typo

When the UK’s man in Gaza is so careless with his typing, you wonder what other facts he’s messing up on. And this man gets to give out British Tax Payer aid? Hey British Tax Payer: are you happy about this? If you’d like to see the kind of “aid” the British were giving to Gaza back in the ’80s, take a look at Page 3 Girl Stunner! Karen, baring all on a Gaza Beach [Safe for work]!

1.5 Billion people in Gaza? Really?

The article is the usual mix of parroted Hamas propaganda and tales of woeful living conditions all caused by the occupation that ended years ago. Enough already. Ask them why they keep trying to kill all the Jews.

 Rockets randomly- criminally- fired from Gaza into her neighbour occasioned the air strike. I am glad there is an informal, very fragile, Hamas truce as I write. It needs to be made permanent, for all our sakes, both in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Hamas manages to police crimes against Islamic Sharia violations quite strictly, you’re telling me they can’t stop people firing 30ft long military grade Grad rockets?

Let’s remember that under the Oslo Accords agreed by Israel and the PLO in 1993, Gaza and the West Bank form one territorial entity

Oslo is over. Oslo is a synonym for abject failure. Firstly the PA doesn’t run Gaza, they lost control in a military coup: not elections, elections gave Hamas a small majority, throwing Fatah people off tall buildings gave them control. And even if that weren’t the case, bidding for statehood ahead of completion of a deal negates Oslo. You’d think a diplomat would know this.

 I am proud of the work that the UK’s Department of International Development is undertaking on thse issues, including working on improved movement and access and supporting business regeneration in gaza.

In other words you’re proud that at a time of great economic hardship for so many British people, some of their taxes are being diverted from their own hospitals, schools and pensions to pay for a bunch of wasters who blew every chance for prosperity they’ve ever been offered. All they want is for the Jews and Israel to disappear and if their children have to blow themselves up, by Jove, they’ll get it!

Hey British Tax Payer: are you happy about this? If you’d like to see the kind of “aid” the British were giving to Gaza back in the ’80s, take a look at Page 3 Girl Stunner! Karen, baring all on a Gaza Beach [Safe for work]!

Update: 3 hours later, 12:50 Israel Time, typo still not fixed. Amused.

16 thoughts on “You Can’t Just Ignore A Typo”

  1. This is nothing. Is Britain among the countries funding Israel’s own versions of Code Pink (*)?, the people who -as has been proven – gave Goldstone his Israeli-based material? Pretty sure they are. Interfering in sovereignty, anyone?

    (*) American version, don’t know what Britain has

    1. “Interfering in sovereignty, anyone?”

      Yep. And they don’t even have the Americans’ excuse of having that right by virtue of foreign aid. This is pure meddling, exactly the kind they falsely accuse J… I mean Zionists of.

      1. I’ve always said that our government should keep it’s nose out of Israel’s business. I wish Britain and Israel could have actual good relations (not ‘good’ relations in the manner the politicians say we have) but unfortunately British politicians have (nearly) always proven to act in bad faith in regards to Israel.

        Good relations with Israel would be in our interests as a nation and would mean we could co-operate on a large range of mutually beneficial projects and tap into one of the strongest and largest scientific communities in the world.

        Until things change we should divorce ourselves from the whole process. We certainly shouldn’t be giving the Palestinians money whilst snubbing the Israeli’s at every turn.

        The first step should be for the Prime minister to apologise for his embarrassing little episode in Turkey.

        1. STV,

          Normal relations are best for everybody, everywhere. Special relationships can turn bad too—look how the U.S.A.’s special relationship with Israel got over the years to be a relationship of extortion, where the aid given to Israel is used as a lever to pressure Israel to make concessions to the Arab imperialists.

          The relations need to be simply normal, preferably based on plain dealing, straight trade with no strings attached. Both hostilities and alliances need to be avoided.

          “Until things change we should divorce ourselves from the whole process.”

          I wish the view of the world as a “global village” would go away. Do I care about the ethnic dispute going on in Sri Lanka? Do I think it has a bearing on the world at large? No to both questions. I wish this local conflict between Israel and the Arabs were thought of the same way. I don’t care about people who don’t support Israel—non-Jews don’t have an obligation to support us or even love us, only not to actively oppress us or support our enemies. (According to the Torah, a righteous gentile is someone who keeps the Seven Noahide Commandments; a non-Jew who supports the Jews is doing more than his due.)

          Some problems, such as Islamic imperialism, are everybody’s business for the simple reason that, um, the Muslims are now everywhere, doing their stuff everywhere. But even here I think it’s for every nation to deal with the problem locally. Internationalism is not the way to go.

  2. This must be a Freudian slip – he’s referring to the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Mustn’t offend them, must we?

      1. Further down the page he says:

        Honorable- but 1.5 million people do not live by flowers, strawberries, and vegetables alone.

        So it’s pretty clearly a typo. But yes, it does have echoes of the British Mandate policy to keep Jews out of Israel for fear of enraging (or letting ner do wells enrage) the vast Muslim population of greater India (i.e. including Pakistan and Bangladesh).

        1. Not to mention confining Jews to the ghetto of so-called “Jewish Quarter”, and then making them stay aways from the borders thereof.

  3. I should just say Brian, the cuts to the public sector pensions had to happen, the NHS could do with a good clean-out as well and the Schools (which are badly run anyway) should be cutting down the wages of many of the sodding useless teachers that they employ.

    What really P*sses me off is the fact that whilst we still have troops in Afghanistan and despite the fact that the MOD’s biggest problems are down to government interference and previous lack of attention towards ageing equipment, they are kicking them in the teeth whilst throwing away money abroad. It is a betrayal.

    End Foreign Aid.

    1. I left the UK specifically after 2 years working as a consultant within various government civil service departments. I wasn’t going to fund that mess any further.

      And when money gets sent abroad, it’s even worse. For sure you shouldn’t be nation building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or any of the other long laundry list of ingrate Muslim countries that just take the Jizya and laugh at you.

      Various non-Muslim parts of Africa are much more deserving, generally get less and, if you keep a watch on local corruption, might actually do something useful. As it is that’s where the Saudis are spending their money and pushing Islam in. Big trouble coming.

      1. The problem I see, as an ignorant foreigner, with Britain is the the mainstream views of both sides of the political aisle (as opposed to certain individuals) is virulently anti-Israel.

        P.S. You don’t need to file a British tax form? Not only do I need to file a 1040 – although one year this resulted in a tax “refund” on taxes I didn’t have to pay, Obama’s silly panny-ante “tax cut” – but my Israeli pension et. al. is now high enough that I now have to file as a foreign account holder so the US does not think I am laundering money. I am quite late, so technically I could get into a lot of trouble with the US, but I’m just not that organized.

        I do think it’s cool that your passports have the Queen requesting you get free passage, while in the US we get Hilary, and in Israel not even State, but Interior – although I am tempted to get a passport just so Eli Yishai does the asking.

        1. The USA is unique in the ridiculous requirement to have its non-resident citizens file tax returns for the rest of their natural lives.

          Once you leave the UK permanently and declare so, your involvement with the UK tax authorities is pretty much over.

          1. Well, Israel just changed the rules to tax income in other countries, but I am exempt for 10 years, so that justmenas I pay it to the US, assuming (doubtful) it gets over the threshold.

            But we do get to vote…

  4. Unfortunately the Brits I know are quite happy with this, I assume. I vividly remember and extremely unpleasant meeting with British business partners from poole who – not knowing that we are from Israel and being slightly intoxicated – were actually bragging about their animosity against Jews.

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