Delta, Can You Fly Me To Ramallah?

The other day Zionist Shark covered the latest scandal involving Delta. 

It appears that someone gave Delta a ring and well, the rest is history.

 h/t Dr Mike Cohen

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  • iva

    Brilliant he he he
    Shame on Delta

  • Olivia Rodan Jacobs

    This was a gas. By the way, there IS an airport in Jerusalem. Twenty years ago I flew in a two-seater from north of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The pilot had a very high security clearance. He told me, “No camera.” But I can still see the hills, the city…

  • jpl

    It’s late where I am, so I figured I’d watch a couple of minutes. Of course, I kept laughing so the time passed quickly. Brilliant! Pretty sharp Delta lady on the phone, too, after she catches on.

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