US Army vs IDF


Nearly two years ago, I posted about the US Navy Seals battling IDF Commandos on Deadliest Warrior. On that episode, the Navy Seals defeated the Israelis.

Now Time has an article about a Jewish American who served in the IDF and is now serving in the US army, placing him in a position to compare the two armies.


Army photo by Capt. Kyle Key

Daniel Houten is in basic training to become an infantryman in the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, Ga. Nothing unusual about another 11 Bravo – except that he recently finished an 18-month tour with the Israeli Defence Forces. The heck with generals and colonels weighing each army’s pluses and minuses – let’s talk to someone who really knows the differences between two of the world’s finest fighting forces.

He may be singing to the choir here, but Private Houten, 20, says the U.S. Army has better food, boots and uniforms than the Israel army he left in June. “The food is better here,” he says. “Americans in general have better equipment, newer equipment.” And he says the Israeli army is a more relaxed, less disciplined outfit than his new employer.

Read the whole thing.


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