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The Bizarro World Of The US State Department

The insanity continues

Did Barack Obama Avoid Congratulating Bibi? (Updated)

Some are making the claim. But is it fair?

Reactions To PM Netanyahu’s Speech

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

State Department’s Marie Harf: Giving ISIS Jobs Is The Solution, Not Killing Them

Seriously, I am beginning to believe the State Department finds their spokespeople off Craigslist

Joe’s World: Obama’s Special Delivery

A fowl plot is afoot

Huge Statement By US Embassy In Israel

I can't wait to see Jen Psaki bumble her way around this one

Video: Palestinians Thank UK Parliament For Backing Palestinian Statehood, In Style

As well as the US for their monetary support, the way they know how

Obama’s Chickensh*t Moment

Oh yes I did go there

Observations From Today’s Netanyahu And Obama Press Conference

Some observations from today's meeting of the two leaders

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