Ice Berg

In a interview with Israeli television about his movie Battleship, Hollywood actor/director Peter Berg gets to speaking about Israel and Iran, and rips the Israeli reporter for draft-dodging!

[language warning]

I like this guy!

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  • jonorose

    When did Borat start working for Channel 10?

  • Shy Guy

    Another reason not to watch CH10.

    But the government will keep bailing them out of bankruptcy over and over again just the same.

  • http://none Mark

    Peter Berg is right

    To jonorose[When did Borat start working for Channel 10?] I was thinking the same thing

  • Norman B.

    Who said Hollywood is hopelessly left-wing?

  • Jim from Iowa

    I can’t believe Universal wants this guy commenting on the internal Israeli politics while promoting his film. What does Mr. Berg know about effective ways to prevent nuclear proliferation? Do you know what the most important lesson countries around the world learned from Bush’s pre-emptive war on Iraq? Acquire nuclear weapons as fast as possible so your country won’t be the target of the next pre-emptive war. Attacking Iran will accelerate nuclear weapons production, not prevent it. Only regime change will stop these Iranian extremists from turning their country into a nuclear power.

    • walt kovacs

      ya…the soviet union developed nukes cuz we attacked them

      other than iran, what countries who do not have nukes are now developing them?

      i dont like bush, but your arguments have giant holes in them

      • Jim from Iowa

        ok, Walt, I probably spoke too broadly. To my knowledge, Iran is the only country currently trying to acquire nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons as a deterrent to an American nuclear attack. Same with China (they also feared the Soviet Union). Same with N. Korea. My point is military action makes nuclear proliferation much more likely.

        • Womble

          That’s not a lot of knowledge, Jim.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Womble spelled backward is “embalm,” sort of.

  • Inessa

    I have always found the way American actors and celebrities get so heavily involved in politics unsettling. To me, it feels like the closer to elections, the bigger a circus the whole thing becomes. These people have so much potential for being manipulated. I suppose it’s not such a stretch for a director to talk about Israeli politics instead of his film. The problem is, the interviewer is no more representative of Israel or Israeli policy than Peter Berg is of American Policy.

    • Shy Guy

      This is true of anyone who grabs the media’s attention and has nothing to lose by shooting their mouth off. For example, threaten to take away their mega-millions and all of a sudden they’re just like you and me. :)

      And indeed it’s the media’s leftist liberal agendas which blow the representation of many a subject completely out of proportion.

  • SarahSue

    Au contraire, Inessa. Peter Berg represents a huge part of the American citizenry and what will soon be American policy. A part that cares greatly about America and Israel. A part that wants President Obama gone so that we can start helping Israel put together a plan to neutralize Iran. It is to Peter Berg’s credit that he thinks the Iranian problem is more important then his film.

    There is a large silent majority in America that wants to keep Israel safe. Our politics are in the center and the press hate us. Many of us are part of the Tea Party. We want smaller government, to go back to our Constitution and sane foreign policies.

    You will hear and see the Tea Party and people like Peter Berg demonized in the press. Do not believe what you read. Come November, a large group of sitting Congressmen will be kicked out on their ass because we have had enough.

    We want a safe America and a safe Israel, we will not stop until we get both.

    God Bless America, God bless Israel


    • Inessa

      I certainly wasn’t suggesting Peter Berg should be demonized, or that I would personally buy into the media’s version of events. However, I have to disagree with the assertion that it is to Peter Berg’s credit that he thinks the question of Iran is more important than his film. He was interviewed by an entertainment reporter, I assume, about the film. It is a good thing that there are more sensible people who will vote to try and replace the Obama administration, then the media would have us, outsIde of US, believe. What I was commenting on was this phenomenon, where all these celebrities, regardless of education, knowledge, understanding, or even good sense, suddenly gain a platform, and significant power, for something that has nothing to do with their qualifications, or expertise. It’s like a charlatan peddling some concoction off as medicine. It’s one thing if Gerge Clooney’s charming banter and smile convince me to buy one brand of coffee over another, but it’s quite another when his charms influence who people vote for. These celebs could so easily be manipulated by politicians on all sides of the spectrum. It’s unfortunate that the lowest common denominator will be more influenced by the celebs than the politicians who will actually be making decisions about people’s lives.

  • walt kovacs

    ive seen the movie and he is right, the question of iran is definitely more important than it

    btw…his war mongering will sell tickets

    no distribution to iran, so what does he care

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