Mitt’s Middle East Formula

US Presidental hopeful Mitt Romney has an ostensibly simple policy when it comes to Israel.

Do the opposite of Obama.

Mitt Romney told evangelical Christians that he’ll do “the opposite” of what President Obama has done in dealing with Israel.


Asked about the president’s attitude towards Israel, the Republican presidential hopeful said: “Well, I think by in large you could just look at the things the president’s done and do the opposite.”

 Reminds me of this:

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Rodney King’s last words: “Hey, Mitt Romney, can’t we all just gurgle, gurgle, splash, glub, glub…”

    • Shy Guy

      The Ukrainian bartender did it?

      • Jim from Iowa

        If I were his lawyer, I’d stick with the LAPD. They have deeper pockets.

    • juvanya

      oh thats too soon, jim

      • Jim from Iowa

        Of course, you’re right, juvanya. But I blame AussieDave for his bad influence on me in this one area. Can’t we all get along?

  • Norman B.

    If anything defeats Obama, it will be the economy. His administration’s pronouncement of Wall Street as too big to fail should prove as deadly as Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon.

    • walt kovacs

      the crash happened under bush…you boob

      and i guess mittons wont fund iron dome or fight terrorists or use cyberterrorism to fight iran

      another boob

      keep supporting the mormon who wants to convert you all and wears magic underwear and destroyed more jobs than he ever created

      • ziontruth

        “the crash happened under bush…you boob”

        Bush hasn’t held the reins of power for over three years.

        “…and i guess mittons wont fund iron dome or fight terrorists or use cyberterrorism to fight iran…”

        Ah yes… as we all know, Zionism was about leaving the shtetls to set up one big shtetl called the State of Israel, and swapping the paritz non-Jewish “protectors” (only if bribed, and not even then always) for a new paritz in the form of the United States of America (protection offered at the price of telling Jews where they may live on their own land). /sarc

        The relationship between Israel and the United States of America needs to be brought to normality. Alliances have brought, can bring nothing but grief.

        “keep supporting the mormon who wants to convert you all…”

        Forsooth, the Marxist currently in the White House is better, right?

        “…and wears magic underwear…”

        Differences acknowledged, he who wears a tzitzit shouldn’t tear holes at other religions’ garments. You realize how boobish you sound? Your criticism of Romney for his economic or foreign policy is just factually wrong, but this “magic underwear” bit is a stupid and uncalled-for slur. Even an Islam-basher like me doesn’t put down Islam as a religion, only its political program.

      • Norman B.

        The crash may have happened under Bush, but Obama threw away his political capital with “too big to fail” instead of announcing his intent, like FDR, to drive the moneychangers from the temple of government. As a result, millions of ordinary Americans began asking,”Where’s my bailout?” That was the whole point of my posting.

        I also don’t see Romney wearing his religion on his sleeve. It would be political suicide for him to do so.

        • Travis

          You know what, had Obama done nothing at all, we would have been out of the recession a while ago? And by the way, he did not inehrit anything – he asked for the job and now we are worse off because of his infantile Socialist ideology.

        • juvanya

          Its already on his sleeve.

      • Inessa

        What’s the magic underwear?

        • ziontruth

          “What’s the magic underwear?”

          A garment, symbolizing priesthood, that Mormon males wear. Obviously by inspiration of Judaism, though anti-Mormons say it’s from Freemasonry. I have no dog in this fight, hence my message to Walt that he had better not start this kind of spat either.

          Romney’s Mormon background doesn’t disturb me. He’s going to pass himself as a mainstream Christian, with all that entails regarding the Jewish State. Far more disturbing is Obama’s Indonesian background and his 20 years under a Jew-hating black-supremacist pastor.

          • Inessa

            I suppose it depends on how his Mormon beliefs affect politics. There are actually quite a lot of disturbing things about the Mormon faith – if he is a strict adherent – there are concepts right in their texts that are racist, mysogenistic, and really rigid and intolerant of others, including other Christians, let alone non-Christians.
            But more importantly – what does the underwear look like and what magic does it do?

      • juvanya

        Ah, another Ron Paul supporter! :P

  • Travis

    The problem is that there are not enough workers on teh government’s payroll. th eprivate sector is doing just fine. //

    They ought to hang that statement around his neck.

  • juvanya

    That seems to be all that GoldMormon Sachs is: the opposite of Obama. Hes the Republican Obama (not Bush) and the Republican Kerry (boring, wealthy Frankenstein lookalike who will fall to an embattled incumbent).

    He has nothing going for him except IM NOT OBAMA. His policies are literally identical to Obummers.

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