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antisemitism pugs

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Jewish American Heritage Month

Zionist pugs with this commentary on the state of things in the USA at the moment
bend the arc

Bending the Rules

Why is a local Jewish federation partnering with Bend the Arc, which has joined forces with the likes of James Zogby and Linda Sarsour?

Linda Sarsour’s Hypocrisy is a Real Riot!

Earlier this year, when BLM and Antifa 'activists' were running riot (literally), Linda Sarsour wanted the media to stop focusing on them Now that the...

Iranian Parliament Discussing Bill to Eliminate Israel Within 20 Years

With US President-Elect Joe Biden promising on the presidential campaign trail to reenter the Iran nuclear deal, he might want to actually pay attention...

WATCH: Wokesterism Gone Wild in Congress

This is the end of the prayer beginning the opening Day of the 117th Congress. https://youtu.be/-T9pBWU4-PU?start=169&end=201 You heard correctly: "Amen" and "Awoman." Saturday Night Live couldn't have...

WATCH: Michael Bloomberg’s Glorious Zinger Response to Bernie Sanders

I thoroughly enjoyed this Mike Bloomberg riposte to Bernie Sanders at the ninth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential election.

American Jews: Come Close, We Need to Talk

The toughest thing about being an American Jew right now is other American Jews.

WATCH: Reactions of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to President Trump’s “Our Job is...

Pelosi's tearing up after President Trump's State of the Union address may be making the headlines, but there was another telling moment I caught when watching it

WATCH: Georgetown University Students’ Disturbing Reactions to Death of Arch Terrorist Soleimani

Disturbing, but not surprising, given what we have already seen on US campuses.

Huge News: President Donald Trump to Target Antisemitism on US Campuses

But do tell me how he is an antisemite.

On The US Declaration That Israeli “Settlements” Are Not Inconsistent With International Law

History was made last night as US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told the press that the Trump administration has declared that the establishment of Israeli "civilian settlements in the West Bank" is not inconsistent with international law.

New Report: National SJP ‘Main Driver’ of Jew-Hatred on US Campuses

A new report has shown how White Nationalism is the main driver of Jew-hatred on US campuses. Just kidding.

US Democratic Party’s Latest Antisemitism Problem Unveiled: It is Called Valerie Plame

There a new Democratic Candidate for Congress in town, and her name is Valerie Plame
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