How Big Is Israel? BBC Regrets Believing Jews

New: I’m sorry, we have to trust lying Jews for the size of Israel

Old: We Can’t Believe We Believed Those Lying Jews!

They just can’t help it can they! The BBC have updated their Olympics 2012 page on Israel. But they haven’t made it any better.

Previously they stated the size of Israel was 22,072 km² (screen cap on the right).

Now they’re telling us the size of Israel is 22,072 km² (screen cap on the left). What’s the difference? We are now informed that this number is the work of the “Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics” and includes “Jerusalem and Golan”.

BBC, you got a problem with that?

Will they ever stop trying to destroy our country?

Update: A commentator on a social media site points out:

They’re both wrong.  Israel is 27.951 km²  Judea and Samaria are two regions that are part of Israel, as much as the Jew-haters out there want to pretend that they aren’t.

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  • Gaia

    …and still developing….. they will erase us soon…

  • Shy Guy

    Good riddance, Anglia. Soon. Very soon.

  • Judge Dan

    I’m waiting for the correction to the population:
    5400000 Israeli Jews
    1600000 Palestinians within the green line
    300000 Illegal settlers

    • ziontruth

      That still wouldn’t accurately reflect what the BBC guys believe. They don’t make a separation between “within the green line” and “beyond the green line” or think the 5,400,000 Jews in the pre-1967 territories are any more innocent than 300,000 in the post-1967 ones.

      As for the 22,072 km² they begrudge us, from their armchairs in a state with an area of 229,848 km², this is reason enough for wanting the Jewish State to expand to at the very least 40,000 km². (Expelling thereafter all the Arab settlers illegally residing in the territories acquired, of course.)

      • Ariadne

        And today we have the BBC’s Mark Mardell reporting on Romney at the “Wailing” Wall. Not forgetting to mention Erekat’s view, interviewing Fayyad and droning on about “illegal occupation”. I’m not sure the BBC would recognise the phrase “green line”.

        But – Yisrael Medad got his letter published in the Church Times.

        • ziontruth

          Good to hear from you, Ariadne. :)

          “Wailing Wall” for the Western Wall isn’t anti-Jewish revisionism, just a translation of the Hebrew for “Wall of Tears.” It’s when they set the bogus Islamic claim as equal to the Jewish one that the trouble begins.

          Kudos to Medad. I wish the land-faithful Jewish Right’s viewpoint could have more than just the space of a letter to the editor. There’s the rub, the free world in general has to suffer betrayal by a media largely at the hands of those most opposed to its well-being.

          • Ariadne

            Good to see you, too and thank you for the translation, ziontruth. “Wailing” Wall has been used in so many unsavoury contexts I don’t like it.



            The wonder in the voices never gets boring.

            • Ariadne

              From The Economist a map of

              “The True Size of Africa”

              I had a hard time finding GB until I expanded the thing. I’m not sure if there is a Middle East composite.

          • mzk1

            But when was it ever called that in Hebrew? How would you say it? It’s almost as bad as “Ten Commandments”, which doesn’t translate into Hebrew either.

            • ziontruth

              A mistranslation. The King James Version of the Bible has plenty of those, the most egregious of which is “Thou shalt not kill” instead of “Thou shalt not murder,” which has far-reaching consequences, impacting one’s entire moral universe.

              “Wailing Wall” would come out in Hebrew as kotel ha-b’khiyah (כותל הבכיה, “wall of crying”), which isn’t that far off. It is said Napoleon Bonaparte saw the Jews crying at the Kotel and remarked that a nation that persists in crying for the wall would inevitably return to possess it one day. Smart man, he was. For the likes of the BBC, the Western Wall is more readily connected with Mohammed’s flying horse (which is depicted in a dream, and Jerusalem is nowhere mentioned explicitly in the Koran) rather than Jewish history. It’s the revisionism that bothers me more than anything else, this denial of the Jewish connection to Eretz Yisrael that’s much worse than Holocaust Denial, as it wipes out 3000 years of evidence both tangible and spiritual in a single stroke of a Phakestinian-Arab-Islamic narrative.

              • Norman B.

                These mistranslations are a big reason why John Harvard required his divinity students to learn the Bible in the original Hebrew, setting the high standards of scholarship that have persisted at his university. He never trusted King James.

                • ziontruth

                  Interesting. But there’s a limit to how much you can correct the translations in a Christian setting, because some corrections are detrimental to Christology. For example, once you correct the translation of almah from “virgin” to “young woman,” there goes the Christian belief of the virgin birth, or at the very least the ability to connect it to the Tanakh. (Judaism holds Jesus to have been a historical figure, but rejects the virgin birth and resurrection accounts as borrowings from pagan mythology.)

                  • Norman B.

                    I agree. Unitarianism got its biggest boost in New England. Or as one wit put it, Unitarians believe in the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and the neighborhood of Boston.

  • Predictor92

    The BBC included all of Western Sahara in Morocco for their size calculation, the BBC said that Morocco was 710,850 km², but those are the numbers including Western Sahara

    • juvanya

      only Israel is treated in this way.

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  • Shlep

    They won’t be satisfied till Israel is reduced to a web site

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