How Big Is Israel? BBC Regrets Believing Jews

New: I’m sorry, we have to trust lying Jews for the size of Israel

Old: We Can’t Believe We Believed Those Lying Jews!

They just can’t help it can they! The BBC have updated their Olympics 2012 page on Israel. But they haven’t made it any better.

Previously they stated the size of Israel was 22,072 km² (screen cap on the right).

Now they’re telling us the size of Israel is 22,072 km² (screen cap on the left). What’s the difference? We are now informed that this number is the work of the “Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics” and includes “Jerusalem and Golan”.

BBC, you got a problem with that?

Will they ever stop trying to destroy our country?

Update: A commentator on a social media site points out:

They’re both wrong.  Israel is 27.951 km²  Judea and Samaria are two regions that are part of Israel, as much as the Jew-haters out there want to pretend that they aren’t.

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