Angry Turds

Remember 16-year-old Daniel, who stood up against an angry mob of Muslims and other anti-Israel demonstrators?

Well, here’s someone else who displayed the same kind of courage, and almost got arrested for his troubles (hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur).

[language warning]

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  • ziontruth

    As in the micro, so in the macro, appeasement of Islam and its followers is the way of the world: If keeping the peace requires prohibiting the flag of Israel being flown in the Muslim-colonized West, or pressuring the state of Israel to concede land and national exclusivism to the savage Islamic aggressors it has for neighbors and citizens, then what of it, the world considers it a cheap price to pay.

    • Jim from Iowa

      You really do feel put upon, don’t you? Why don’t you join some Lord of the Rings chapter and put spells on your enemies and stuff like that? It would have to be a more productive use of your time than going on and on about the Muzzies.

      • ziontruth

        “…going on and on about the Muzzies.”

        Look, Jim, if you want Dave to fill his blog with posts about other topics than those that make me go on and on about the Muzzies, like Monty Pythons skits and Blazing Saddles excerpts, all you’ve got to do is ask him. What the heck am I supposed to write in the comments thread of a post like this one—a BTTF quote, a C programming language snippet, a solution to the Talmud’s Shnayim Ohazin law case? What?!

      • Shy Guy

        Isolated in Iowa.

        Won’t last, though.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Sleepless in Shy Guy Land. You and Pamela Geller should take a chill pill and sleep it off.

  • A 70ft tall bust of the head of the Prophet Mohammed

    That’s because the Uber-Jews have 10 million times the power of mere Muslims and their tiny 1.1 billion population handful.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    canada does not have the same freedom of speech laws as the us

    unless you are an islamist, jew hating bastard

    as long as you dont deny the holocaust, you can pretty much say or do anything against the jew

    visa versa…not so much

    that was a nice flag

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