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WATCH: Melbourne Al Quds Rally Participant: “Hamas Should Be Here”

Nothing surprising here - all these Al Quds marches reveal the end goal.

A Call to Slaughter Jews at Toronto’s Al Quds Day March

A banner photographed at the recent Al Quds Days March in Toronto

WATCH: Bibi Netanyahu On Al Quds Day Protest In London: It’s Wrong, Just Wrong

Separating the terrorists of Hezbollah from the “political wing” - “It’s like saying the SS is bad but the Nazi political wing is OK” 

WATCH: Al Quds Day Shenanigans in Toronto

Terror support, segregation and a cameo by our own Ryan

Scenes From Iran’s Al-Quds Day

Fun and games ensued

UK Police Launch Investigation Into al Quds Day Hatefest

For possible hate crimes and contravention of UK terror laws

What The Finsbury Park Attack May Mean

Jews and Israelis have acted with unbelievable restraint for a century.

It’s Just The “Political Wing”

So Quds Day protesters are allowed to fly the flag of Hezbollah's "political wing?"

WATCH: Al Quds Day Hate Rally In London & Counter Demo (Updated)

Footage from today's Al Quds Day in London

Not Satire: The Little Hizbullah Flag That Quds

You have to be kidding

An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan About Al Quds Hate...

Al Quds March is a slap in the face of the families of those whose blood has only just been mopped up from London’s streets.

Al Quds Day #EpicFail in Berlin

An eye witness account from Orit in Germany
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