Scenes From Islamic Rage Protests Around The World

Indonesian Muslim activists hold placards during an anti-US rally outside the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia 14 September 2012. Reports state that hundreds Indonesian muslim activists staged a rally to protest, against an anti-Islam film made in the US. (Credit: EPA)

But is it ok if we mocking your English?

An Islamic activist shouts slogans as they have been stopped by the law enforcers on thier way to march towards the US embassy at Shantinagar in Dhaka, Bangladesh 14 September 2012. Reports state that hundreds of muslims staged a rally to protest, against an anti-Islam film made in the US. (Credit: EPA)

Not since Zipper BoyTM have I seen an Islamic protester who is destined to go viral. I hereby coin him Mosh Pit Boy.TM

Lebanese protesters attack American fast food restaurants after Friday prayers, pouring petrol on the restaurants and setting them on fire in the northeastern city of Tripoli, Lebanon, Friday Sept. 14, 2012. According to security officials no one was hurt in the attack which is part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about a film ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. (AP Photo) (Credit: AP)

Would you like fries to be fried with that?

A Yemeni protester shouts slogans during a protest against a film deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed at a street leading to the US embassy in Sana’a, Yemen, 14 September 2012. Yemeni forcers used water cannons against angry protesters who were trying to march to the US embassy in Sana’a a day after hundreds of protesters stormed the embassy building, protesting against a film deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed. (Credit: EPA)

That moment when you realize it probably wasn’t such a good idea placing your sword so close to your genitals.

Indian muslim women shout slogans against United States of America following the making of a film in US called “Innocence of Muslims” which ridicules Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in Chennai, India, 15 September 2012. Muslim protestors tried to move towards US embassy in chennai and also expressed their rejection to the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film, which outraged Muslims who deemed it insulting to the Prophet Mohammed, that triggered attacks on several US and Western embassies across the Middle East and North Africa. (Credit: EPA)

Separated at birth?

More Islamic rage photos here.

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  • The Plow that Broke the Stars

    I’m making a bacon sculpture of Mohammed and Allah engaged in gay sex. Now go burn something down.

    • straightforward

      @The Plow that Broke the Stars:u r a bastard son of unlimited fathers, if u have guts give ur address

      • http://Values. Jack

        Yah, but he’s got balls…even the pig that produced the bacon had balls.

      • Vlad Tepes


        I think your mother knows it, saw her exiting Plow’s art shop and going right into the nearest restaurant for a beer and pork steak.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Sounds like one of those gay urban ghettos I know all so well. Our gay rights we will prize and our fabulous flower planters we will maintain!

        • straightforward

          @Vlad Tepes, Son actually I am ur real father, if doubt ask ur mother

          • @straightforward

            I doubt you ever had intercourse except when the imam took you in over night at your London mosque. Don’t you have some death porn to watch, boy?

            • straightforward

              poeple like u always in doubt, that is not Imam, that is ur pope who took u at round about at Rome city

            • straightforward

              poeple like u always in doubt, that is not Imam, that is ur pope/Rabbis who took u at round about at Rome city

  • walt kovacs

    lets do this once again

    the vid was posted on both youtube and facebook on july 1

    from july 1 to sept 11, it got less than 1k views

    this despite the makers sending out a press release with a link to the vid and that crazy florida preacher announcing he would show it to his parishioners

    somehow the slafists in egypt got their hands on it

    i have not seen a single reporter note how the salafist party was informed that the vid was on the net

    on the 6th of sept, salafist tv broadcasts the vid (tell me if date is wrong)

    there is not massive outrage…not a single report anywhere

    then comes 9/11 and all hell breaks loose…still nobody in the media knows what vid they are referring to

    but there are people who do know…the electric intifada, members of ism and other anti american/ anti israel jew hate groups

    on the 12th, it is finally reported that the events in libya were a well planned operation that had taken months and could not have had anything to do with the video

    the wonderful us state dept keeps saying things about how terrible the vid is, knowing full well that the vid was and continues to be used as cover for violent acts that have nothing to do with islam being dissed

    yet obama requests that google remove vid…google refuses and for good reason…if they have to take down every vid that offends someone, they will be left with no content, save vids with kitties and baby pandas

    muslims in europe and australia riot…the group in sydney is the exact same group who rioted over the chocolate shop and were not prosecuted for assaulting officers…so they do it again

    now us thinks this is gonna go on for a while

    thats great

    because it really has nothing to do with the vid and everything to do with being a precursor to something bigger

  • http://Values. Jack

    Any port in a storm. Any excuse for a riot. Orchestrated is the only description for last week. The sheppards controlling the sheep as always. When will these people grow balls and live their own lives?

  • Pro Israel Girl

    Did they use Google Translate for those signs?

    • Kiwi

      Lol, yeah they probably did.

  • Brian L.

    Brings back many, many happy memories of blogging long ago! Thanks for the round-up, Dave!

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