Shanah Tova

As I’ve already posted, Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year – starts tonight.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a happy, healthy and prosperous year.

And now for the obligatory video dump.

Greets from the “important” peeps:

Music videos:

Including not just one, but two Call Me Maybe parodies.

And technology gets in on the act:

Since I’ll be out of blogging action for the next couple of days, please treat this as an open thread.

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  • Gaia

    Shana Tova Dave! Happy New year for you and your Family,

    Leshana Tova Tekatevu v’etachetemu.

    May you be inscribed for a sweet and good year!

  • Norman B.

    And I wish Dave, his family, his fellow authors and those who post here to uphold the Jewish state a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May the Almighty strengthen His people; may He bless His people with peace.

  • Jim from Iowa

    On yesterday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC, program host David Gregory referred to Prime Minister Netanyahu as the leader of the Jewish people. Now the Pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archbishop of Canterbury is the leader of the Church of England, but Bibi Netanyahu, the King of the Jews?!!? After a little flack, Gregory corrected himself by referring to Bibi Netanyahu as the leader of the Jewish State.

  • Morris the Katz

    I’m Jewish, and I don’t take my marching orders from Bibi. Never did, never will.

    BTW, Rosh Hashana has gotten off to a terrific start. Looks like there’s a denial of service attack on Silvershmuck’s website.

  • rafrafuk

    As our Rabbi said, (and no one actually got it!) May your year be as sweet as honey and as rich as apple :-)

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