Scenes From An Islamic Jihad Parade In Gaza

You have to feel sorry for the palestinians of Gaza, with their dilapidated motor vehicles..

Reliance on out-dated technology..

Crude, home-made weaponry..

As well as their love for their young..

At least they seem to know how to have a blast.

These and more photos here.

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  • The Real Jerusalem Streets

    And all that came in through tunnels, thought they were isolated and needed Free Gaza to save them?

  • spindok

    Notice all the happy cheering throngs! Flags waving from the windows and storefronts! The confetti in the air! Women throwing flowers and kisses at their brave liberators!

    Anyway real soldiers do not wave their weapons around like that in a parade. These guys are just punks in ski masks.

  • walt kovacs

    put a kid in a uni, he is a soldier

    kill them all

  • Womble

    That’s FN F2000, an extremely rare rifle that isn’t exactly common on the black market- or among the world’s armed forces, for that matter. It is used almost exclusively by special forces. Where the hell did they get those?

    • J.B

      Comes from Libya, that’s one of Qadaffi’s toys. Won’t do them much good, it’s just a rifle (if an expensive one at that).

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