BDS Fail Of The Day

If the terrible acting didn’t already make this lame Members of Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!) commercial a fail, the pantsless man walking by with his junk flapping around does.

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  • ProphetJoe

    Unfortunately, Dave, the pants-less man is as common a sight in San Francisco as the leftist morons making this little video.

  • Noah David Simon

    Note the fake map that ignores that the majority of land was owned by government and not by either Arabs or Jews. Of course the Left wouldn’t want to admit this because the Left wants to give it all back to government.

    • mzk1

      Or wasteland, a category from Turkish rule.

  • Jim from Iowa

    That tears it! I’m starting my own counter-protest gay activist group in support of Israel. I’m calling it “Queers United Against Falsehoods & Fanatism.” (Q-U-A-F-F).

    • Norman B.

      I’ll quaff to that, even though I’m straight.

    • Check out GLAZE

      There is already a Bay Area group called GLAZE – Gays and Lesbians advocating for the Zionist entity. Look for them on Facebook. And then there’s ALAH Arab Lesbians against Hate. But I’m sure there is also room for QUAFF

  • Lena Scott

    Appearance of Pantsless Man once again proves that G-d has a unique sense of humor.

  • Joel Keller

    This video is so lame, it’s almost funny.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman


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