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The BDS Movement recent held a webinar entitled Security, Racism and Solidarity in the Time of Global Pandemics. Because they won't let some pesky virus disturb their hating on Israel!

Haters’ Latest “Huge” Fake BDS Victory

BDS-holes everywhere have been lauding Microsoft's decision to divest from Israeli tech firm AnyVision, celebrating it as a "BDS victory." But it is not.

Israel-Hater Caught Faking BDS Activity

"Strong supporter of BDS" indeed

WATCH: Head of BDS South Africa Muhammed Desai Gets Ass Handed Back to Him...

In a debate on South African TV regarding the Israeli-palestinian Arab conflict, Muhammed Desai, the head of BDS South Africa (wearing a t-shirt wiping Israel off the map), got utterly destroyed.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

The Palestinian Information Center: still producing the goods

Infamous Antisemites Among List of Signatories on Boycott Letter

These are the signatories who stood out to me, but I am sure if I investigated more of the names, I would uncover more antisemitism. And of course support for terrorism.

Israel-Haters Resuscitate Bogus Shakira Boycott Story

What do you do if you hate Israel, support the BDS movement, yet see that things aren't really going as well as you would like?

BDS (Be Der Stürmer) South Africa Disgraces Itself

BDS South Africa seems to have lost the memo that they are to present themselves as not antisemitic

WATCH: The Best Explanation of the BDS Movement I Have Seen

Yad Vashem recently put out a video in which Dr Dave Rich and Dr Einat Wilf discuss the BDS movement, its goals and its activities.

Israel Haters Falsely Claim Football Star Refused to Sign Contract with Israeli Club Over...

Quds News Network and other anti-Israel propaganda sites and people have claimed Mauritanian footballer Moctar Sidi El Hacen refused to sign a contract with an Israeli club in solidarity with palestinian Arabs

Medea Benjamin’s and Code Pink’s Hypocrisy and Antisemitism on Full Display

Welcome to the world of Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink

BDS South Africa’s Refreshing Bit of Honesty

Inadvertent honesty from the BDS-holes

A Letter to Paul Joseph Watson

Reader Faith pens a letter to pundit Paul Joseph Watson


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