Pallywood Blondie And Friends Assaulting IDF Soldiers

Yesterday, I posted about the blonde palestinian child who seemed to be trying to coax an IDF soldier into restraining her for the latest installment of Pallywood.

I’ve now located the video, and as you’ll see, some of the children assault the soldiers, with blondie even grabbing at a soldier’s gun, encouraged by the adults. Yet the soldiers show amazing restraint.

Update: The blonde girl is a fixture at Nabi Saleh protests, and I believe it is her who appears briefly at 0:50 in the below excerpt for the documentary We are Nabi Saleh.


The YouTube description of the film is:

The trailer of the documentary We are Nabi Saleh!

We are Nabi Saleh is still looking for Co-funding, screening places and help with translation: Arabic-English. If you wan’t to collaborate, write an email to [email protected] We can make it real together. Bless

Pallywood indeed.

Update: Per the forum to which I linked yesterday, the blonde is the daughter of palestinian “activist” Bassem Tamimi. And she appears in some other Nabi Saleh protest videos, such as this:

Notice the text overlay on the video: Tamimi Press.

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Facebook Comments

  • Noah David Simon

    in the US if you did this to a police officer it is a crime… with or without the cameras. I don’t understand why the children were not restrained

  • Elena

    The child is sick, those animals are using the sick child and pushing other children in front, hopping just hopping that soldiers would lose their cool – cowards….

    • Fliss

      It’s not the child who is sick but rather her parents and others who are using the poor child. If this kind of thing happened here in a country like Australia the child would be removed from the parents and put into foster care and rightly so.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I’m trying to understand the context here. I had a kid in a Scream mask take my “Trick-Or-Treat” Halloween candy without thanking me, but nothing like this.

  • Nic

    Using children like this is just another form of child abuse. Why don’t the ngo’s campaign about this for a change?

  • babawawa

    And the adults aren’t arrested because. . .?

    • jd

      Because that’s how their sub-culture works. They are lice ridden sub humans and what passes for culture is crap. They should by rights be deleted. There will be no peace in the west or the mdeast so long as they are catered to and appeased as they are. Their birth rate alone will bury us in time as more and more of the vermin immigrate to the western countries. France is already damn near over-ridden and the UK is next.

  • spindok

    Thing is this would not happen if the IDF soldiers were the monsters they are trying to make them out to be. It is only because of the disciple and decency of the soldiers that parents would use their children in this despicable way.

    As someone said above. If a kid tried that with a cop where I live they would be cuffed, taken in, and a record made at the least. Grabbing for a weapon would bring much worse. That is to teach the parents and the kid a lesson.

  • jack

    In Syria, the photographers, children, adults and bystanders would have been shot and the bodies buried. In New York, the kids would have been hauled off for ABPO and the parents given a dressing down before the children’s release. Don’t even get me started on whether this was a school day.

  • Inessa

    Firstly, it’s interesting to note that the biggest group there seem to be the helmet clad Press members. They are the main audience and players in this performance.
    Secondly, really amazing restraint – I think I would have lost it at this screaming, irritating kid,… even if she was my kid…and I wouldn’t want to be holding a gun.
    Thirdly, those parents are clearly unfit. They think these are the soldiers of a murderous regime, who think nothing of killing Palestenians – why would you let your child anywhere near this danger? Clearly, because they really believe the child to be safe, and because the Press is there, creating an opportunity. Still, it is a form of child abuse, putting the children at rusk, and encouraging this behaviour. Not to mention that she should be at school.

  • Adrian Whittle

    She must have a sore throat.

  • Norman B.

    Instead of taking it out on the children, let the soldiers shoot the cameramen.

  • Adam

    I’m sure she was egged on to screaming. Many is the time Israel’s national bus company have driven me crazy as well….

    • tom


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  • Travis

    What the hell was she saying (screaming) any way?

  • spindok

    I think this is effective to the Arab audience. To them the restraint of the soldiers is not commendable it is a “humilation”. Showing mercy to children or holding back one’s feelings in the line of duty are not virtues in the shame/honor society.

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    • Eddie

      Israellycool AKBAR!!!

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  • Luke

    Presumably she has the right to protest – or do the Israelis wish to also ban that in their apartheid occupation?

    • Aussie Dave

      Blah blah apartheid occupation. I am really bored by empty catchphrases. Back it up, or drink a steaming hot cup of STFU

    • Eddie

      Puke, You sound like another national Socialist.

  • Luke

    If the cameras were not there they may well have been no restraint – as numerous examples have shown. (James Milner, Mavi Marmara, Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall etc) Perhaps she felt emboldened because she knew the cameras would offer her protection from the occupying army.

    • Aussie Dave

      Alternatively, you are a troll leaving ignorant comments on here because you have nothing better to do. Yeah, I go with option 2.

    • DSH

      What do you think the army in an Arab country would do if children pushed, grabbed and yelled at them? I shudder to think of the consequences. I can’t imagine American soldiers allowing something like this to continue–the children would be removed. And don’t you think it is disgusting that parents are allowing–no using–their children in this matter? It is a game to them–they know the soldiers will not hurt them. Otherwise they would not do it. The instances where civilians are killed by the Israeli army are the exception, not the norm. Unlike Hamas and other terrorists who purposely target Israeli civilians on a regular basis.

    • Eddie

      Puke, What’s the deal with Saint Pancake?

    • Observer

      Late reaction, only just stumbled across this site:
      LOL do you think children in countries occupied by the Nazi’s would ever have dreamed of acting that way toward German soldiers? if so, read up on history, better still talk to the remaining memebers of my family who were children under true occupation. They would have been picked up. One, a teenager at the time, was arrested for sticking her tongue out at passing German soldiers and narrowly escaped being taken to a camp with the Jews she was incarcerated with briefly before her father managed to beg for her release.

    • Observer

      Luke , if you are so passionate about the danger blondie was in, you can always work side by side with the little spoiled Muslim temper terror, daughter of a activist, in her VERY un-Muslim Western garb !!(gasp..she can purchase such western stuff there ?? As well as all that food overflowing in the markets of Gaza, toys and luxuries? The best markets around, better than the ones in my home town for sure !

  • Eddie

    Meanwhile 30,000+ dead in Aleppo Syria and the FAKE “anti-war” crowd is nowhere to be seen.

    Not protesting outside Syrian embassies/consulates.

    Wonder why? They can’t blame Israel for Arab vs Arab massacres.

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