They’ve done it again.

Granted, the headline is accurate. But what’s with the next paragraph?

It marks the first Israeli fatalities since militants fired into Israel after it killed a Hamas chief on Wednesday.

Leaving aside the use of the word ‘militant,’ reading this, you would be forgiven for thinking the terrorists only started firing rockets into Israel after we killed the Hamashole commander yesterday, ignoring the 100+ rockets preceding his vaporization, and the thousands following the last Israeli fatality.

Oh BBC, it’s really in your DNA, isn’t it?

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  • Inessa

    The old “it all started when Israel fired back” trick. It’s so tiresome. And there’s always the stats on how many Palestenians killed, and the sentence of: mostly militants but also children…. Whose fault is it that their whole population is comprised of children, militants and elderly?

  • brett

    What do you expect from a bunch of terrorist loving, child molesting liberals. Who just love to cover up their own crimes against humanity.
    UKistan can go F themselves.

  • Jim from Iowa

    American media, left, right and center nearly always fails in providing context in everything they say about this conflict. You get a lot of “It all started with (fill in the blank) then the other side responded accordingly. In this case, a lot of American media are inaccurately reporting that it all started with the assassination of the head of the Hamas military unit, Ahmed Jabbar (spelling inconsistent as per usual with foreign names). If it’s not happening here, our American media are probably going to get a lot of things wrong.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rafrafuk rafrafuk

    They have just updated it and it looks even worse:

    Three people have been killed as rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel, amid escalating violence.

    They died when a four-storey building in the town of Kiryat Malachi was hit.

    It marks the first Israeli fatalities since Israel killed Hamas’ military chief in Gaza on Wednesday.

    Thirteen Palestinians, mainly militants but also children, have been killed in the continuing Israeli operation. About 200 rockets have been fired into Israel, the Israeli army says.

  • http://anneinpt.wordpress.com anneinpt

    Take a look at BBC Watch. They are constantly updating about the Beeb’s reporting.

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