Hamas Threatens Israeli Civilians In New Video

While Israel warns Gazan civilians ahead of air strikes, Hamas has also taken to communicating with Israeli civilians.

Here’s the Fox News report on this:

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  • Norman B.

    While all such threats must be taken seriously, it seems that Hamas’s ability yo carry them out get weaker and weaker with each passing hour. Now they are begging Morsy to open the Egyptian border crossing and he fears jeopardizing billions in aid if he gives them more than lip service.

  • rulierose

    “we miss the suicide bombers”? wth? is anybody out there listening? these people are nuts. this conflict ISN’T equal, and both sides DON’T have “a point.”

    it puts me in mind of Solomon and the baby with two mothers. Israel is willing to divide the baby–the land–to save it. the Pals, OTOH, would rather kill it than share it.

    and what’s up with bombing J’lem? doesn’t Hamas know that Muslims live there too, rather a lot of them? do they care?

    • Norman B.

      If a stray rocket flattens Al Aqsa, it would be a sign from above to rebuild Solomon’s Temple.

      • ziontruth

        Exactly what I was thinking when I heard of the rocket on Jerusalem.

      • Jim from Iowa

        That is too over-the-top, even for Him. Could only happen in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  • mzk1

    ooh, that’s so scary…. :-)

    Two things come out of the video.

    1.They state explicitly they are targeting civilian locations.

    2. They first example of a targeted “Zionist” is one of us Lithuanian Chareidim. We aren’t Zionists, but I’ll accept the compliment.

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