Justice, Hamas Style


Hamas supporters of the world: Here’s your guys in action.*

Masked gunmen publicly shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel in a large Gaza City intersection Tuesday, witnesses said. An Associated Press reporter saw a large mob surrounding five of the bloodied corpses shortly after the killing.The Hamas military wing claimed responsibility.

Some in the crowd stomped and spit on the bodies. A sixth corpse was tied to a motorcycle and dragged through the streets as people screamed, “Spy! Spy!”

The Hamas military wing, Izzedine al-Qassam, claimed responsibility in a large handwritten note attached to a nearby electricity pole. Hamas said the six were killed because they gave Israel information about fighters and rocket launching sites.

* Since photos of Israelis being injured or killed do not seem to move you

Update: VERY graphic photos and video here (hat tip: Challah)

Update: The story has “inspired” this poster.

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