Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It, Paul?


Déjà vu anyone?

As we reported, the BBC staff might have their licenses revoked today for lies, bias, and all round stupidity. So when disgraced BBC Middle East Bureau Chief Paul Danahar had an Haaretz Twitter spell this morning, I asked him a simple question:

Typically, when faced with truth, the knee-jerk reaction is to block me.

And what was that he was praising? Why, the typical whiny Haaretz op-ed by Carlo Strenger about how the democratic Likud Primaries are undemocratic, will bring about totalitarianism in Israel, and how Tzipi Livni is Israel’s only hope:

But they [Yehimovich and Lapid] will now have to rethink their position: They might still argue that they will be able to safeguard Israel’s democracy from within the coalition. But they may well have to consider whether Likud-Beitenu has now crossed the line between Liberal principles and totalitarianism, and whether they would not serve Israel’s democracy better by creating a viable fighting opposition. They might join Tzipi Livni who has announced her return to politics and made clear that she will not join Netanyahu under any circumstance.

I am of two minds in this respect: on the one hand Netanyahu’s moderate coalition partners have so far averted the anti-liberal forces’ worst excesses, and Labor and Yesh Atid might play a similar role in Netanyahu’s next government.

On the other hand, Israelis should be finally faced with two clear alternatives: if Labor and Yair Lapid will refuse to join the next Netanyahu government, the fiction that Israel’s right wing is moderate will be dismantled. Such a government would run into head-on conflict with the world at large, and four such years of conflict will make Israelis realize the price of the occupation.

They will realize that they have to choose between a political ideology that will turn Israel into an internationally despised Pariah state and the forces of moderation that seek compromise with the Arab world.

Spoken like a true modern-day doomsday prophet, just like he did 4 years ago. And like the proverbial leftists knowing best, he knows who they we (!) should vote for.

So when Danahar posts clearly biased and replace-the-people kind of opinions while he represents the BBC, it’s our responsibility to out him, and others, as the propagandists they are.

Turth hurts, doesn’t it, Paul?


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