More Israeli Apartheid Failure


Just this morning Aussie Dave has been tweeting about the number of Arabs in the chemo room of the hospital he’s in and how, as usual, Israeli apartheid has failed to keep them from mingling with Jews.

[Update: I’ve been told this video is not viewable world wide. I shall work on ehm… fixing that.]

So I thought I’d post this clip from Israel’s TV show “The Voice”. I’ll cue the clip up to a young woman from Akko about to go on stage and belt out a fine song. See if you can spot the give away clue that, once again, we let an Arab infiltrate normal life. See if you can detect the racist apartheid tendencies of the judges who are immediately horrified when they turn around to see an Arab. Oh wait, they aren’t.

Did you spot her crossing herself just before she goes on stage? And of course, when they ask her to sing in a language other than English, she picks Arabic. Her name, BTW is Lina Mahul.

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