The Daily Show Does The Israeli Elections

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  • jpl

    Not bad. Stewart is too often overly critical of Israel.

  • Jim from Iowa

    That was flat out funny as hell and spot-on political commentary.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Jon Stewart’s views on Israel are typically unwatchable. He can’t decide whether he’s pro Hamas or simply wants to paint every Jew on the planet as a clown who should be pitied.

  • Johnny

    “That was flat out funny as hell and spot-on political commentary.”

    Now I get it. This is the kind of people that thinks Stewart has a sophisticated humor and makes sense. I thought it was a myth.

    The ‘Liberals’ really know about propaganda. That’s an amazing way to spread bullshit among the pretentious and ignorant part of America without making them feel as idiotic as they really are.

    • Sarit

      In order to defend Obama this clown mischaracterizes the Israeli elections to prove that his problem is with Netanyahu, not with Israel.
      Likud’s mudslinging against bayit hayehudi, housing costs, military service for haredim and other things that gave yesh atid (that is at the “center-left”, even though it has much more in common with Likud than with Livni, the Arabs parties and Meretz) are all ridiculously oversimplified to prove to silly pro-Israel Liberals that Obama doesn’t have a problem with the country and that you can go against Israel vital interests and still feel (or pretend to be) as one of its supporters.

      The fact is: a huge part of those who voted for yesh atid (and even for avoda) still feel animosity towards Obama — that’s why he is so unpopular here.

      Stewart’s real talent is to broadcast moronic propaganda and still leave those who are fooled with the impression that they are not just being informed, but that they are also sophisticated and cool.

      Any idiot knows that Iran, the “peace” process and other things that are causing a rift between us and the United States seem huge outside of Israel but had little importance in this election, since there is a basic consensus on these issues here.

    • Jim from Iowa

      There’s always Greg Gutfeld over at Fox for people who don’t like John Stewart. There’s something for everyone in this great country of ours. I bet you’re more of a Larry the Cable Guy fan, though. Suit yourself.

      • Sarit

        You’re free to like whatever you want, but the fact is: Only someone deeply ignorant of our reality would think this is a “spot-on political commentary.”

        • Jim from Iowa

          It’s spot-on for an American audience not intimately familiar with Israeli politics. I can understand why this would not play well in Israel. It still seems funny, if not more than a little strange, to see a has-been like Chuck Norris and a discredited buffoon like Donald Trump make public endorsements of Bibi with the intention of favorably impressing the Israeli electorate.

          • Sarit

            You’re wrong. If it is misleading, twists the truth and does not represent reality, it can’t be “spot-on political commentary”. Simple as that.

            • Jim from Iowa

              It is a comedy show intended for (mainly) an American audience, not a primer on Israeli politics. Another valuable point made by Stewart in his piece is that it is both stupid and dishonest for the American rightwing pundits to suggest disagreement by Obama with Netanyahu’s settlement policy as representing an anti-Israel orientation when many Israelis disagree with Netanyahu themselves. Are you as anxious as the American neo-cons are to make Israel a partisan issue in American politics?

              • Sarit

                You’re doing exactly what Stewart does. He makes political points (spot-on, according to you), but when he is called on that, he uses the excuse that he is just a comedienne. This is as dishonest as his approach on the Israeli elections and as his Obama defense.

                Your characterization of US/Israel relations, of Netanyahu’s policies and you poor reading of our elections and of Stewart’s lack of intellectual honesty is enough for me not to take you seriously. Keep your silly accusations, name calling and your problems with Fox News to yourself. I don’t care about it. And be a little humble and learn when to give up and to go learn.

                • Jim from Iowa

                  You can disagree with my opinions, but until Aussie Dave assigns you as the hall monitor for Israelly Cool, I’ll continue to express such opinions openly here in his Comments Section, particularly when it concerns American media and other Americans. Geesh.

          • Sarit

            Maybe a spot-on political propaganda…

  • Johnny

    The best medicine against this crap are facts:

    “spot-on”. Dear God!

  • Laurie

    I may not always agree with Jon Stewart, but it’s always enlightening to see our political follies from someone else’s point of view

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