Jihad In Occupied East London

Daily Mail Woolwich Jihad attack cover

Yesterday evening a British soldier was knocked to the ground by a car and then butchered in the street as people watched. One of the butchers was happy to speak to passers by. You can read all about it in the press. The videos are out there too.

From the Times of Israel Yisrael Medad pointed out the following paragraph:

The Associated Press examined the footage to verify its authenticity, cross-referencing images from the scene, aerial shots, the location of a car behind the alleged attacker and the appearance of a body and a car in the background. There was no immediate way for the AP to verify who the cameraman was.

Thirteen years after Mohammad Al Durah and they have never applied this level of fact checking to any of the fake footage that comes out of Pallywood, even less acknowledge that they even tried to do it.

Bloody hands at the window in Ramallah after slaughtering a Jew

Ramallah 2000 Aziz Salha waving his blood-stained hands from the police station window. A building that was formerly an Israeli base, handed to the PA during Oslo. Salha was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released in 2011 as one of hundreds release to return Gilad Shalit

And of course, it’s pretty clear this guy is a terrorist right? He’s not a militant stabbing a “settler” at a bus stop. And even though it appears his target was “military” we’re not going to build in a ton of background material to the story justifying his actions are we?

Here’s how the BBC work hard to help “explain” why Jews should be stabbed with impunity and why the last dead Jew had it coming because they have the temerity to live in “Muslim lands”

Tuesday’s attack is the first time a settler has been killed by a Palestinian in the West Bank since 2011.

Earlier this month violence flared between Israeli troops and Palestinians protesting against the continued detention of a group of Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

According to Reuters news agency, nine Palestinians have been killed in various incidents with Israeli forces in the West Bank since the start of this year.

About 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

But hey, you’re welcome to it. Parts of East London are now Muslim lands and you, my British friends, are occupiers in your own lands too.

Look at the way these people kill you on what were your streets. They don’t run away and hide, they give interviews with blood stained hands. They’re proud of slaughtering infidels.

We’ve seen these bloody hands before. I’m very sorry you’re seeing them now in London.

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  • Abu Zibby

    At the same time islamist motivated riots gripped Stockholm’s suburbs for a third night. It all started after a man brandishing a machete was shot by police.

  • http://www.andreasmoser.wordpress.com Andreas Moser

    If British soldiers now get killed in the UK, at least we don’t need to fly them to Afghanistan anymore.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I just listened on PM David Cameron’s statement on this horrific event. I’m encouraged by his responsible, rational views on treating this as a terrible crime by some despicable individuals rather than framing the incident as representative of Islam or British Muslims. One point Brian failed to point out was that there were people in the neighborhood who confronted these murderers and immediately condemned what they had just done.

    • Norman B.

      Er, who let these murderers into the country in the first place? Meanwhile, Scotland Yard disclosed it is conducting around 50 investigations into Pakistani sex grooming gangs that prey on white English girls. It seems like the British are expending pounds of cure for a problem over which they ignored an ounce of prevention.

      • Jim from Iowa

        So what’s your solution, Norman? Expel all Muslims from the United Kingdom?

        • Norman B.

          The authorities by now know who the troublemakers are, yet they remain in denial. Expel the hate preachers, the sharia enforcers and the perverts and adopt Japan’s policies with respect to Muslim immigration.

    • Travis

      David Cameron the pasty faced politically correct Prime Minister of the UK is a pale imitation of the great Margaret Thatcher.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Here’s to you, Maggie Thatcher:

        They’ve come to raid your stockings
        And to steal your Christmas pud
        But don’t be too down-heated
        It’s all for your own good.
        The economic infrastructure
        Must be swept away
        To make way for call centres
        And lower rates of pay.

        “Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher” from the musical “Billy Elliot” words and music by Sir Elton John

    • walt kovacs


      take a trip to londonstan

      the worst thing to happen to england was multiculturalism

      and its all the iron lady’s fault

      • Jim from Iowa

        Only if I could still find a fish and chips place. I do like shrimp fried rice as well. Is that a sign of multiculturalism, too, Walt?

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Today someone threw a smokebomb into a mosque as was arrested. Liberals will be a million times angrier and outraged about that.

  • Sarah

    Did the British media use the “T” word? Or are these just “militants” also?

    • E Pluribus Beagle

      They said the T word but alas not the M word. The press isn’t clear on precisely what he meant raving about Allah this and Allah that. Perhaps he meant Robert “Bob” Allah that well know liberal atheist who advocates for free weed and beer, gay marriage, public nudity and not exterminating all the Jews. Could be, someone check with al Guardian and see.

  • James

    Hi Brian – long time since I visited here, but given recent events, thought I would check back and see if you are still a big fan of the EDL? They were quite busy last night, trying to replicate events from earlier on in the day.

  • dcdoc

    Were the bombings of 7/7, which killed a great many more innocent Brits, representative of Islam or British Muslims? Are any of these heinous crimes anywhere in the world committed in the name of Islam by adherents of the faith, ever the responsibility of the Islamic world and its celebration of “jihad,” “martyrdom,” the murder of kaffirs, etc.? Or is it one of those No True Scotsman things, that is that since Islam purports to the the Religion of Peace, the perpetrators can never be seen as true Muslims, even if many of them (e.g., OBL) are lionized in the Islamic world?

  • http://I Dafna Yee

    It is not a accident or a coincidence that nearly all of the terrorist acts today are done by young men who are fanatic Muslims. Using terror to achieve their goal of world domination (even when they don’t realize that these murderers are being used by Muslim leaders) is nothing more or less than following a cause that is outlined very clearly in the Koran, namely everyone living under sharia law with Muslim rule. Pretending otherwise, or taking the viewpoint that Muslims and countries which are predominantly Muslim, can be dealt with using ideas like democracy, equal rights, justice and even peace, is demonstrating a dangerous ingenuousness that is being deliberately used by these same Muslims to advance their cause.

  • walt kovacs

    what most bothers me are the people mulling about, the guy who did the interview, the woman who had a chat with the animal

    was a time when brits wouldve stomped these animals into the ground

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