Al-Aqsa Imam Calls For Destruction Of West

Islamists in Israel is not something new. Lead by the extremist Raed Salah, many Arabs openly call for Jihad, Shaira law, and a new Caliphate.

But a dangerous red line was crossed last Friday, where during first Ramadan Friday prayers, besides the calls to release Mohamad Morsi, the Al-Aqsa mosque Imam preached for Jihad, destruction of the west, annihilation of Christianity, and instalment of a Caliphate in Europe.

You don’t have to watch the whole clip, the first minute is enough

He repeatedly calls for the Destruction of America, France, and Britain, as well as the conquest of Rome, you know, where the epicentre of Christianity is.

Don’t expect any of this to be on CBS though, Israel isn’t mentioned.

Update: Memri translation.

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  • Israeli

    Watch a video showing Arab children attacking Israeli soldiers Arab propaganda hiding from you …

  • http://Values. Jack

    I’m not a politician. Never will be. I’m not a humanitarian, don’t want to be. I’m essentially a liberal with leanings in all directions. But why are these hate mongers still in the promised land? Why are they not deported? If they advocate the violent overthrow of Israel and seemingly all other western countries why not let them do it from somewhere else? As a second or third class citizen. If they promote terrorism (like some MK’s), let them do it from elsewhere. If the commit terrorism, let them do it elsewhere. If they won’t serve… If they teach hate… Develop standards! Enforce them!

    • MT

      Unfortunately, these people are allowed to preach their hatred, with not enough people opposing them! Where there is no opposition, the fanatics are free to preach!! Until more people stand up and do something about this, and protest them and not allow them to spew their venom, then nothing will change and they will only increase in numbers!! Let us stand up and be heard, and perhaps then and only then can will squash the hatred!

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Sounds like a party. Send in a drone.

  • Norman B.

    “Today Israel, tomorrow the world,” is the message from the hate preachers. I don’t see this as a red line. This imam knows that Western leaders have spines of Jello and are into deep denial, perfect targets for jihad. As W.B. Yeats wrote, “The best lack all conviction / While the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

    • Judge Dan

      Red line as in Israeli police let this dangerous gathering happen in 1st place. When there’s threat of incitement, Israel limits who can go onto the Temple Mount.

      • Norman B.

        Since Israel was not mentioned, the police apparently didn’t consider this to pose a clear and present danger.

  • Charles Wiener

    As there are no subtitles and I don’t understand a word of Arabic besides Allah Ahbar, I have not a slightest idea what he is shouting about. Hate? Very likely. But I cannot make a qualified based on something I don’t understand and nobody translates.

  • walt kovacs

    so to sustain themselves through this insane period of fasting (once again, mohamed got everything wrong) they need hate

  • Scott Adler

    The flag in his hand appears to be that of the Taliban.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I wonder how much weight Lauren Booth will lose during Ramadan fasting period. I know I get cranky when I’m hungry, but I’m not inclined to go out and slaughter my neighbors for holding different religious beliefs than mine. They should try a butterscotch candy under their tongue instead of giving hate speeches. I wouldn’t tell on them.

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