Al-Aqsa Imam Calls For Destruction Of West


Islamists in Israel is not something new. Lead by the extremist Raed Salah, many Arabs openly call for Jihad, Shaira law, and a new Caliphate.

But a dangerous red line was crossed last Friday, where during first Ramadan Friday prayers, besides the calls to release Mohamad Morsi, the Al-Aqsa mosque Imam preached for Jihad, destruction of the west, annihilation of Christianity, and instalment of a Caliphate in Europe.

You don’t have to watch the whole clip, the first minute is enough

He repeatedly calls for the Destruction of America, France, and Britain, as well as the conquest of Rome, you know, where the epicentre of Christianity is.

Don’t expect any of this to be on CBS though, Israel isn’t mentioned.

Update: Memri translation.

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