Who Rescues Endangered Christians?

Burning church copts egyptIt’s pretty clear that in the midsts of the coming civil war in Egypt, the ancient population of Chritian Copts is not going to fare well

Many ancient churches were destroyed in the last few days. It’s going to get worse. There’s a good blog post about Copts in the Times of Israel:

Since the fall of Morsi, Copts have suffered from attacks on an almost daily basis. Most of the Copts subjected to violence are also suffering from deep poverty, living in government-abandoned villages in Upper Egypt. While the Muslim mobs used to create false accusations as a means to justify their attacks, today they attack Copts indiscriminately, for no reason at all. In Rafah, one Coptic priest was shot dead in broad day-light in a busy market street, another Copt was found beheaded in the same area, and a Christian man in Al Minya was attacked simply because we was listening to military music.

Earlier this week, when the army and police started their crackdown against Morsi’s supporters, the Islamists reacted by striking back against the army and by attacking Copts, as promised. In less than 24 hours an estimated 20 Coptic churches, houses and community buildings were torched all over Egypt. The Egyptian military is cleaning house and the Copts are paying a heavy price.

The Mossad’s primary role (ever since it’s creation) has been the rescue of Jews from all over the world. Not intelligence gathering, not finding Nazis, not bumping off Iranian nuclear scientists: it’s done all those things too (probably) but along the way it rescues Jews.

Out of all the notionally Christian countries in the world, which one rescues or protects endangered Christians?

Just asking.

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  • Norman B.

    The countries that we think of as Christian, and I live in one of them, are in fact secular, with church and state kept separate. They haven’t had a Theodor Herzl to remind them that they are all one people, or even one commonly believing worldwide commumity. And their secular values include “It’s not worth it getting involved in other peoples’ crimes and follies.” The very purpose for which Israel was created was to give Jews a safe haven, or at least a safer haven from the diaspora lands they were residing in, and that purpose will stand for as long as the earth continues to rotate on its axis.

  • Inessa

    “Christian countries” would not get involved on the basis of their co-religionists being in strife. Also, Israel rescues Jews and absorbs them into Israel, whereas the Egyptian Copts are native to Egypt. This does bring up an interesting point; it appears that there is no amount of time, centuries even, after which Jews are regarded as as a native population group of any country, regardless of religiosity. It was only after I left Russia, that I was referred to as Russian. In the former Soviet Union, there were no Russian Jews, or Ukranian Jews, or Moldavian Jews etc, just Jews. On the other hand, we seem to accept this too, and this is probably why Jews from literally everywhere assimilated so quickly in Israel.

  • Travis

    Sadly over the last 40yers or so most of the Christian Arabs I have met or run into have been very, very anti-Israel (see one Thomas, Helen).

    • Jewess

      She can only be seen in Hell now.

  • Jewess

    I am stunned by silence of the global, Christian community about the terror, slaughter and persecution of ME Christians in Arab lands. I still hope the Pope will speak out for them. Thank goodness Israel is there to help!

  • Delphini

    I’m aware of a few charities (e.g., Voice of the Martyrs) who say they provide medicine, clothes, etc. to persecuted Christians, but no, there is no country or alliance of countries willing to do actual defense. It’s also worth noting that the Copts are, in fact, the original ethnic Egyptians who are being persecuted by non-indigenous Arabs. Apparently *actual* brutal occupations of other people’s land doesn’t interest the UN and various activists as long as Israel and/or Jews can’t be blamed. And due to this occupation, the Copts have no homeland controlled by their own people and no military to defend them.


    Please don’t blame the protectors (LOL).

    “After the MB attacked a churches in Egypt, Egyptian Muslims form human barriers around churches” (SIC)

    August 8, 2013
    “Muslim Brotherhood members protecting churches in Egypt from pro-regime thugs who attack churches to blame it on the Muslims” (SIC).

    August 8, 2013

    Under the photo (Google translation):
    “Number of WORSHIPERS form a human chain to protect the Mary Girgis Church* next to the field of culture in Sohag”

    [*Mary Girgis Church or Mari Girgis Church is in Cairo]

    The text:
    “This comes AFTER A TAXI ACCIDENT WAS PASSING NEXT TO THE CHURCH and the incident resulted in roasted bodies of 11 people, activists traded on Facebook pictures of worshipers during their formation as human shields to protect the walls and entrances to the church …”

  • spindok

    The Coptic church is as antisemitic as you can get.

    Coptic Father Marcos Aziz Khalil recently wrote in the newspaper Nahdet Masr: “The Jews saw that the Church is their No. 1 enemy, and that without [the] priesthood the Church loses its most important component . Thus the Masonic movement was the secret Zionist hand to create revolution against the clergy.”

    Copts are still banned from travel to Israel by official church policy. My inclination is to offer them as much assistance as they gave the Jews of Egypt who were there before there were any Christians at all.

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