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No, We Do Not Believe Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam (Updated)

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Our readership for the past day or so. I doubt it will last

See update below containing email from Rowan Atkinson’s agent denying he converted to Islam.

My Batsh*t Crazy Claim Of The Day: Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam post has quickly become perhaps the most “popular” Israellycool post ever. Traffic has gone through the roof. Tens of Muslims have ‘liked’ our Facebook page. And despite the title and content of the post – in which I clearly point out why the claim is ridiculous – thousands of Muslims around the world have shared, retweeted and linked to the post, as evidence that Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam! (here is one example)

I guess they will believe what they want to believe.

Meanwhile, no word from Atkinson himself because – as I have made clear – the claim is almost certainly false.

The question is, why did the anti-Israel site start the rumor?

I think I missed this due to the poor auto-translation, but this next video seems to make it clearer: there seems to have be a photo of Atkinson holding his finger up, which is apparently something called the shahada finger. It just looks to me like Atkinson telling someone off, or any number of other things.

So Muslim readers, feel free to believe what you want and even spread our blog post to all and sundry. But know we do not believe for a second Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam.

Having said that, I am glad you have all come to Israellycool. Please feel welcome to have a look around, and engage in some dialogue. Perhaps we can bring some world peace, together!

Update: Holy fact-checking fail Batman! We are currently being used as proof of his conversion on Wikipedia!

wiki atkinson1

wiki atkinson2


Update: We reached out to Rowan Atkinson’s agent so she could end the ridiculous speculation once and for all.

From: Lucy xxxxxxx <xxxxxxx> Date: 2 באוקטובר 2013 13:32:37 GMT+3

To: Brian of London <xxxxxxxxx>

Subject: RE: Would appreciate a statement from Rowan Atkinson about CRAZY claims that are sweeping the Arabic world

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your e-mail. I’m afraid that, as far as I’m aware, Rowan has not converted to Islam.

All the best.


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