No, We Do Not Believe Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam (Updated)

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Our readership for the past day or so. I doubt it will last

See update below containing email from Rowan Atkinson’s agent denying he converted to Islam.

My Batsh*t Crazy Claim Of The Day: Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam post has quickly become perhaps the most “popular” Israellycool post ever. Traffic has gone through the roof. Tens of Muslims have ‘liked’ our Facebook page. And despite the title and content of the post – in which I clearly point out why the claim is ridiculous – thousands of Muslims around the world have shared, retweeted and linked to the post, as evidence that Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam! (here is one example)

I guess they will believe what they want to believe.

Meanwhile, no word from Atkinson himself because – as I have made clear – the claim is almost certainly false.

The question is, why did the anti-Israel site start the rumor?

I think I missed this due to the poor auto-translation, but this next video seems to make it clearer: there seems to have be a photo of Atkinson holding his finger up, which is apparently something called the shahada finger. It just looks to me like Atkinson telling someone off, or any number of other things.

So Muslim readers, feel free to believe what you want and even spread our blog post to all and sundry. But know we do not believe for a second Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam.

Having said that, I am glad you have all come to Israellycool. Please feel welcome to have a look around, and engage in some dialogue. Perhaps we can bring some world peace, together!

Update: Holy fact-checking fail Batman! We are currently being used as proof of his conversion on Wikipedia!

wiki atkinson1

wiki atkinson2


Update: We reached out to Rowan Atkinson’s agent so she could end the ridiculous speculation once and for all.

From: Lucy xxxxxxx <xxxxxxx> Date: 2 באוקטובר 2013 13:32:37 GMT+3

To: Brian of London <xxxxxxxxx>

Subject: RE: Would appreciate a statement from Rowan Atkinson about CRAZY claims that are sweeping the Arabic world

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your e-mail. I’m afraid that, as far as I’m aware, Rowan has not converted to Islam.

All the best.


About Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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  • Malik
    • Aussie Dave

      Post updated. Thanks!

  • cba

    Hahahahahaha! I’m crying with laughter!

    Critical thinking is not their strong suit, is it?

    • Firus

      Unfortunately, no. I’m a muslim and have been personally trying to make people I know stop believing in everything they are randomly told by random people without investigating for themselves for many years, but it’s always been an uphill struggle. There have been so many embarrassing incidents like this in the past and still we muslims never learn. *sigh*

      • cba

        Hang in there, Firus. Hope to “see” you again at this site.


  • Israhell

    Israhell dont believe because they jealous..

    • cba

      Yes, that makes sense.

      {cba smiles reassuringly and backs away slowly from the crazy person}

    • deedee

      I bet Mr. Bean had no idea he was so desperately desired by the Muslim world. Very odd reaction by the Muslim world to this non-story.

    • teddycha

      dat’s true

    • Syah

      they r not jelous. They were worried.. Big worry. Muslim population in UK have rising everyday. Im believe 30-40 years Uk will become muslim state..

      • Zaid ali


      • Muslimah


      • m1a

        i bet u if that happend u will killl yourself before u get kill/rape by your crazy brother muslim:).if islam dominaated the world, it’s mean close to end of the world, people killl people:)maybe we need it but not now please, yeah uk willl like afghan,pakis,syria,etc it will be awfulll

        • Amina

          The prejudice coming from m1a is killing me….. give your bigotted rant a rest and stop being so ignorant.

      • ahmad,zana


  • cba

    We are currently being used as proof of his conversion on Wikipedia!

    Maybe “batshit-crazy” means “the incontestable word of Allah” in some language unknown to those of us who have not been initiated into the beauty of Islam.

    • Lateef

      It doesn’t matter to Allah what you call him BUT it clearly matter to a lot of people around the world. So talking peace please reconsider what you writing. You know what you doing so please stop or paraphrase.

      Peace always

      • cba

        So Lateef, maybe you can explain this to me. Why on earth are so many Muslims posting at Israellycool and linking to the “Batshit Crazy Claim of the Day” thread as if it were proof of this story instead of understanding that it’s mocking the story?

        In other words, what part of “batshit crazy claim” don’t they understand? Because it’s pretty damned clear to the rest of us.

        • Razan

          Well please allow me to do so , because we Muslims believe that everyone is as good natured as us so we wouldn’t think that you would be mocking us by your insulting post . Islam teaches us to respect all other religions did you ever see us mock anyone who converted to Judaism but clearly your religion didn’t teach you that . And English isn’t our first language so clearly not everyone can understand your vulgar words . Was it also our fault that Wikipedia wrote that and linked it back here ? Anyway I feel really sorry for whoever misunderstood your post I hope they soon realize that it was written by a racist hater.

          • Aussie Dave

            No-one mocked him for supposedly converting to Islam. We posted it as a story of interest and thought it sounded ridiculous given Atkinson’s previous statements and lack of any confirmation.

            No-one here is a hater besides those like you quick to rubbish Judaism.

            • Razan

              I’m sorry but when did I ever say that you were mocking him ?I mean why would you ? I said you were mocking us Muslims . are you telling me I misunderstood him too ?

              • Aussie Dave

                Well you are sorely mistaken there as well. We were not mocking Muslims. If we were mocking anyone, it was a specific anti-Israel website for posting such a ridiculous rumor.

            • cba

              I find the levels of projection in the vast majority (although not all) of these posts to be quite stunning.

              • Anon

                What I find most amusing in this post is how Wikipedia used this website as reference for false information.
                That ultimately means that anyone who has checked and found such a claim on a site like Wikipedia is bound to believe it.
                Rumors spread like wild fire.
                Even though it is clear that this site finds such a claim crazy, not all people understand this.
                Many Muslims actually believed it.
                Accepting a certain religion isn’t such a wild idea. That means that announcing a conversion isn’t thought of as “bat-shit crazy” by religious individuals. Muslims are the best example for such a case.
                Excuse those who couldn’t fully grasp the concept of these claims and teach them otherwise instead of making fun them for misunderstanding.

                • Aussie Dave

                  I never posted it was batsh*t crazy b/c it was Islam! I posted why I thought it was crazy, which has to do with Rowan Atkinson and his views on criticizing religion. Please do not try to find Islamophobia where it does not exist.

                  In the meantime, scores of Muslims commenters have attacked me and my religion…

                  • Anon

                    This isn’t about Islamophobia. In fact, it has nothing to do with it.
                    I am merely explaining why your post is being misunderstood. And my disapproval of making fun of those who misunderstand.

                    Attacking a religion is NOT acceptable behavior in Islam. Those who attacked your religion are not qualified individuals.

                    In the meantime, scores of other commenters have sarcastically mocked those who misinterpreted the post.

          • cba

            OK, so “batshit” is perhaps hard for a non-native English speaker to understand.

            But “crazy” is not vulgar, and the word is easily found in any dictionary, were the reader unfamiliar with its plain meaning.

            • Aussie Dave

              I also used the word “ridiculous” but the fact remains: if you are going to use something as a source, at least understand what it is saying!

              • cba

                Yes indeed.

                Anyone who had actually, you know, read the original post, even if they didn’t understand every word, would have realized it wasn’t an endorsement.

            • deedee

              The point is, though, that the word “crazy” was used in the post to describe the story about Rowan Atkinson converting to Islam, and NOT to describe Islam, their prophet, or Muslims. And yet, the Permanently Offended are, of course, … offended.

          • Shimona from the Palace

            @Razan “Islam teaches us to respect all other religions did you ever see us mock anyone who converted to Judaism”

            Are you kidding? In not a few Muslim countries, anyone who converts away from Islam (to any religion) is liable to the death penalty.

            • Anon

              Please take the time to watch this video.
              It will clear up some of the most common misconceptions in Islam.

          • faz

            I’m a muslim too but even i didn’t find anything vulgar in the post. I simply found it amusing. Even if Rowan Atkinson really did convert to Islam(which i highly believe he did not) it would be a matter between him and Allah.

            Atkinson has made his views about God and religion known. You just have to do a bit of research to find them.

            Also, wikipedia didn’t exactly write the article about him on their site. They may host it, but anyone is free to submit or append an entry to the site about any particular subject

            • Aussie Dave

              Thank you for talking sense

            • Amina

              Agree with you 100% faz

        • sourcefully

          Totally agreed..

    • Afra

      Nope it really doesn’t and as a Muslim I agree that some others are being unreasonable and unnecessary..I totally understand why you put those words there and take no offence as I know it’s directed at the claim as a whole and not to the religion :)

  • Shimona from the Palace

    Now, if you had said that Rowan WILLIAMS had converted to Islam, I might have believed you ;-)

    • cba


      • Judge Dan

        You lost me at APIMP

        • deedee

          I think it’s “and peeing in my pants”.

          • cba

            You think correctly.

            I was being metaphorical, I hasten to add–I am in fact perfectly continent.

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  • Zionist Shark

    I posted this in the other epic thread, but I thought you might enjoy it here, too (don’t thank me, I’m a giver):



    • Saleem Ahmed Qureshi

      Altough Pakistan T.V gave no News. But it will happen A day When innocent zionist will convert and at arrival Of Esso all will killed and Cross will Broken

      • deedee

        arrival of Esso? You mean where I fill up my car?

        • cba


          Except in North America it’s called Exxon.

          • deedee

            In Canada we have Esso … where the Zionist will convert, and all will be killed, and Cross will be broken. Yikes, I just realized that the Muslim apocalypse could happen at the gas station across the street from me! :-O

            • SWAAS

              I’m quite sure he meant “Eissa/Eeesa” which is the name of who you call Jesus Christ. He was referring to Judgement Day, and I’m also certain that you don’t believe anything related to it. But, your mocks for Islam will simply turn over to you, maybe not now, not later, but in time.

              • Norman B.

                Dream on, loser.

              • deedee

                Ah, ok, – Jesus, not Esso. Thanks for the clarification … and the Judgment Day threat! :)

                By the way, I am not mocking Islam. I am mocking the medieval “kill the infidel!” mentality going on here. You have to admit, it’s pretty ridiculous, no?

                • sasha

                  it is actually “kill the infidel, if they kill you” basically it is an order for self defense, which is right universally , people just take 1 part of the verse and twist it for their notorious reasons, jus ta humble request, try researching islam and quran from someone who really understands it , just for the sake of research, it would clear many many things to you. I am wondering what happens if Rowan really “does” accept islam one of these days? ;)

                  • deedee

                    You are an incurable imbecile if you think you need to defend yourself against criticism … by murdering your critics.

                    I don’t need to research Islam. I already know more than I want to know just by observing the brutality inflicted on human beings all around the world in the name of Allah.

                    • Anony

                      Totally agree with deedee ;D

                    • Amina

                      Lol bigots will ignore anything that shows the positivity of islam and highlight everything that shows the negativity of it. Research everything, instead of using your own biases to blind your views of a religion you so blindly hate.

    • http://- servant of the creator

      A muslim will never ask anyone to convert to Islam, He the creator knows best for his servant. Apparently, if you r the chosen one, you will eventualy approach to convert. Islam is beautiful.. Islam rejects violents. Islam welcome peace. As a Musilim, I have had a few Jew friends. We respect each other. We did not talk bout religion at all and we do not force a person to convert. its the creator that moves someone to do the steps.

  • Eric

    They’re making the same claim the same day about Jean Claude Van Damm

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    I proclaim secular fatwah on IsraellyCool for convincing Rowan Atkinson to renounce his Islamic membership. Better check with Salman Rushdie’s security detail just to be on the safe side, Aussie Dave.

    • faz

      good one, bro

  • http://nothing Suzy

    ISRAEL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ISRAEL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ISRAEL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ISRAEL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cba

      Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Aussie Dave

      Articulate response!

  • Nitzan

    Yeah Wikipedia does that a lot

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  • john

    Hey hey hey !!! you are totally wrong I think you only believe that thing which you want to belive and inshallah i’ll give you proof that rowan atinkson embraced Islam I few days. I’ll wait for you answer after that jxt wair and see

    • cba

      I certainly look forward to seeing that. I”ll jxt wair here a while…

      • anneinpt

        I snorted when I read that. :-) You’ve been on a roll today. :-)

        Altogether the comments here are hysterical! Shame I missed all the action while it was live.

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  • Judge Dan

    I find it very funny people are blaming Wikipedia for their misguidance on Atkinson, when not only was the Wikipedia entry reverted over and over, those making the change, and citing Israellycool were, according to their IP address, Muslims.
    Wikipedia is not a “he” or a “she”, but an “it” where everyone can edit. if you blame someone else for Wikipedia being wrong, blame yourself first for believing it.

  • amerxp

    A true phobia is physiologically impairing, not just a religious disagreement. Eg. Agoraphobia = Paralyzing panic attacks, Glossophobia = paralyzed with fear/memory loss/ throat muscles close up when speaking in public/front of a crowd/stage fright. Arachnophobia = paralysis/cold sweats merely at the sight of a picture of a spider, Acrophobia = Fear of heights = Muscles physically seize up, involuntary trembling etc, when approaching a high bridge/ledge. Physical symptoms often accompanying social anxiety disorder include excessive blushing, sweating (hyperhidrosis), trembling, palpitations, nausea, and stammering often accompanied with rapid speech. “Impairment in social or occupational activities” is what separates a phobia from a normal concern/ argument/fear.

    People who throw around “phobia” labels without even attempting to back up a true phobia with evidence are to be taken no more seriously than a teenager screaming “are you brain damaged” when losing an argument. It’s exactly the same process of projecting a fake medical diagnosis to try and hide the two common logical fallacies of “Hasty Generalization” and “Poisoning the Well” behind to try and discredit the person speaking their concerns. It could be equally dishonestly argued that many people falsely throwing around “Islamophobia” are themselves suffering from “Allodoxaphobia” (an irrational fear of someone else expressing an opposing opinion/disagreeing) surrounding Islam.

    And further, it could equally be argued that certain Islamic theocrats suffer from Chorophobia (Sharia-outlawed fear of dancing), Cyberphobia (Sharia-outlawed fear of Internet cafes), Dishabiliophobia (fear of undressing in front of someone), Geniophobia (fear of seeing chins (in Burka required areas)), Genuphobia (fear of seeing knees), Gymnophobia (fear of nudity), Heresyphobia (fear of challenges to official doctrine), Heterophobia (fear of mixing with the opposite sex (in Sharia sex-segregated areas)), Kolpophobia (fear of seeing female genitalia), Omphalophobia (fear of seeing belly-buttons), Potophobia (fear of alcohol), Peccatophobia (fear of sinning), and Xenophobia (we are better than the Dhimmi). And that would be equally ridiculous to reel off that lot every time Sharia Law debates come up, wouldn’t it?

    In order to be taken seriously, the burden of proof for genuine “Islamophobia” lies on actually proving someone holds a clinical irrational fear/anxiety disorder to the point of being impaired of functioning in the presence of Muslims, and not just a normal human rights vs religion disagreement that’s often “conveniently” taken out of context for the purpose of feeding the “grievance industry” and milk political capital out of it. For that reason, “Islamophobia” is neither a serious medical nor objectively measurable “phobia”, just another repackaged political attack label that’s only slightly higher class than “retard” Youtube-level teenage “debate”

    • Rodrigo Vera

      Right on!!!

  • Donald

    Badnews for Rowan if its true. Islam will be divided to 70-72 sects and only 1 will go to heaven the rest will go to hell and this is written in hadits. So only 1.5% chance for each Muslim will go to heaven. Why he converts to a religion that most likely will send followers to hell……no single verses in Quran show Muhammad ever perform miracles….its like a dentist but know nothing about dental……they r blind but they claimed they can see

    • Afra

      That hadith cannot be interpreted like that literally! It just basically means that true Muslims will go to Heavan but there will be 70 + groups that claim to be Muslims who DONT FOLLOW the teachings of Islam that will not be allowed in heaven. And I think you will find that Prophet Muhammad did do miracles, he struck the moon in half – the greatest miracle he brought was the Quran…It is all explained if you do research :) Peace

      • donald

        Sorry dude, No verses in Quran shows Muhammad EVER perform miracles… me which verses you refer. And ability to write is not a miracle. Even tho i think Muhammad is greater than allah. Allah is only one of many deities before Muhammad come, after Muhammad invented Islam then he promote one god to be worshiped….somehow he choose allah, not al lat, al manat, al uzza or appolo…

        • Afra

          Lol please do some research about when he (pbuh) split the moon. Yes thw Quran was a miracle given to the Prophet peace be upon him from Allah, it was a book that has the ability to change hearts,make people, cry, laugh, has so many cures, and has many scientific discoveries that were written in the Quran and being discovered today. I’m not saying ability to write is a miracle, I’m saying the Quran is. As a Muslim, I have done great research into this, ALLAH is greater than all, the God. Muhammad is a Prophet and a follower of Islam. Allah gave him the revelation- Quran, that’s what Muslims believe. Allah gave Muhammad (saw) the intellect, heart and brain to understand and to be able to bear the task of Prophethood. I hope this makes sense? Thanks, Peace x

        • Afra

          Also, in order to be a Muslim you have to accept That God is One as well as accepting that Muhammad pbuh is his Last Messenger therefore accepting whatever it says in the Quran and Hadith

          • Donald

            Sorry dude i done my research long time ago….AGAIN i have to say NO VERSES IN QURAN shows Muhammad ever perform miracles…..AND YOU WILL NEVER SHOW me that verses because its not exist…..not in Quran. Even allah gave verses to Muhammad to claimed his own relatives wife faster than verses showing Muhammad ability to perform miracles. and Quran is not a miracle…it is just a book….many books written more understandable, more narative and more artistic than Quran such as Journey to the west, Tao te Ching even Harry Potter. Muhammad is a selfish man, he order his follower to pray EVERYDAY before dawn to allah so he can enter heaven…..YES….Muhammad can’t help himself and need your help to enter heaven……contrary to Jesus that will help HIS follower to enter heaven.

            • Irfan

              Allah does not need any rowan atkinson to prove islam as the true religion. well but ur research is wrong buddy. i m just giving a link read it carefully. and please claiming urself as broad minded will never make u broad mind. try and try to start with a zero. may ALLAH guide u to the straight path. @ Donald

              • Donald

                Ha ha, i know you gonna show that verses….but sorry mate those very lack because didnt show anything but moon splitting event…who did it…no one knows. IT is you the one should be open minded…not me…i read many books from other religion and my conclusion regarding Islam are very clear: only 1 out of 70 Muslim will go to heaven based on your religion, allah is a pagan deities that promoted by Muhammad long time ago, and Muhammad never perform miracles but for sure he is greater than allah…. i feel sorry for those who embrace Islam….open your eyes my friend only fools who follow blind faith

  • Donatelo

    Israel seperti anjing(Israel like dog). You fuck . You Motherfucker.

    • faz


      Tak perlu berkata kesat saudara(no need for insults) cukuplah sekadar istighfar…

    • http://- servant of the creator

      Salam Donatelo,

      Please do not vulgar to them as taught in the mighty book of Allah.. Lets pray to the creator so that they will get hidayah. Islam is peace.

  • A.Samed

    conversion of mr.bean to islam is no news to me and it shouldnt be for anyone.can you begin to count the number of celebrities who have converted to islam?

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  • Ayed

    So whats the problem if Mr Bean converted to islam. He is welcome and Every body is welcome to this anti rasist religion. Muhammad is the greatest prophet ever.The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
    By Michael H. Hart.
    The first person on Hart’s list is the Prophet of Islam Muhammad.[2] Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. He also believed that Muhammad’s role in the development of Islam was far more influential than Jesus’ collaboration in the development . So Every one incluing me likes for sure to be a folower of Muhammad.

    • Anony

      Anti-racist? -.- fuck off man. Islam’s are one the of the most racist people on Earth

      • http://- servant of the creator

        Dear Anony,

        May the creator forgive you and your blindness.

  • Afra

    Just came across this today…the response from some Muslims does not portray what the rest of the Muslim world thinks. Personally, I don’t like to believe anything until properly confirmed, so if he has then hey great, but if he hasn’t then hey great too :) Love his the same both ways….and to all my brothers and sisters out there who stand for peace and support a peaceful co-existing world, whatever, race, religion, culture, background …PEACE BE UPON YOU x :)

  • Afra

    And to all my Muslims brothers/sisters getting hot-headed due to some of these ignorant comments, please stay cool and keep your tongues clean and respond with patience and kindness in a peaceful manner, like our Prophet Muhammad (s) taught us x

  • Afra

    HI Admin :) First of all, I wanna start of by saying I am not a Muslim hater! I am open minded and respect all religions including Christianity and Judaism. I just wanted to know what you think about the oppression that’s going on in Palestine and as an Israeli citizen, what are you views about it? Thanks and as my religion is based on this value, PEACE BE TO YOU x

    • Afra

      I meant I am not a Muslim who hates others

    • cba

      Afra, you seem like a person who is willing to investigate matters honestly and look at real evidence.

      Please look at what Hamas are doing to the people in Gaza.

      Please look at who is providing medical aid to people in Gaza.

      Please look at who is responsible for ruling 95% of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

      Please look at the way Palestinians are treated in Lebanon and Syria and Jordan.

      Please look at the way Palestinians (born in Syria) who recently left Syria because of the fighting are being treated by their fellow Arabs compared with how other Syrians who left are being treated.

      Please look at how wounded Syrians are being treated.

      And please read this story

      (And maybe read a few of the other threads on this blog.)

      After that I’d be happy to discuss these issues and more with you.

      A-salaam aleikum

  • Dafna Yee

    Aussie Dave, I’m really appalled to read all the disgusting anti-Israel comments on your site, which has always been one of my favorites. Is there a way to not let posts like, “Fuck Israel” appear on your site? They don’t add anything to the discussion and they are certainly not on topic. Just asking.

    • Aussie Dave

      I can’t keep track of all the comments. If you see such a comment, please give me the link so I can delete it.

      • faz

        maybe you should lay some ground rules Dave, like no insulting any faiths or people outright, no rudeness or hysterics and every exchange of opinion must be respectful so we can keep any comment, discussion or debate healthy.

        then everyone can have fun

  • BB King

    Petty site with petty articles. Misinformation (lies) is what Israeli’s are good at.. congrats on spreading 1 more.

    • Norman B.

      We don’t need any lectures on lying from a liar himself. If you don’t like it, go to Electronic Intifada, which is more up your alley.

    • Aussie Dave

      The lie came from an anti Israel site if you bothered reading our post. We pointed it out as ridiculous all along. So get your facts right before trolling.

    • deedee

      Reading comprehension, BB King. It’s your friend.

    • mzk1_1

      So he thinks he IS a Moslem? I think I’ve seen this guy’s handle before; I’ll remember this.

    • mzk1_1

      So he thinks he IS a Moslem? I think I’ve seen this guy’s handle before; I’ll remember this.

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  • Installer

    Rowan Atkinson’s conversion to Islam or not is not a matter of huge discussion. If he accepted Islam, it is his own decision. If not, still remains his own willingness. Rowan Atkinson can do no harm or benefit Islam or Muslims. What I had seen during the past years, USA and allies had tried to go on war against ‘radical muslims’ and what they have as a result since then, more and more people are converting to ISLAM.


    If Israel Wants peace so why Israel colonise muslim country Palestine

    • Aussie Dave

      Please get beyond the empty slogans and answer this:
      – When was there EVER a Muslim country called Palestine?
      – Who was its leader?
      – Who controlled Gaza before the 1967 war? Who controlled the ‘West Bank”? Were they part of this Muslim country to which you referred?

      The onus is NOT on Israel to show it wants peace, but rather the palestinians and surrounding countries who have proven time and again they want us destroyed.

    • Down Town

      Please get beyond the empty slogans and answer this:

      – When was there EVER a Jewish country called Israel?
      – Who was its leader?
      – Who controlled Gaza before the 1967 war? Who controlled the ‘West Bank”? Were they part of this Jewish country to which you support?

      The onus is Israel to show it GENUINELY (NOT IN AMBIGUITY) wants peace, but rather the UN made it illegal the occupation of Palestinian Land and further settlements and Israel have proven time and again secretly covertly destabilizing the surrounding countries and want them to be tamed or to be driven out from their homelands forming Lands of Ghost Town so as to expand the grand plan of Greater Israel. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENING. RIGHT?

      • cba

        OK, I’ll bite.

        – When was there EVER a Jewish country called Israel?
        Kingdom of Israel, about 1026 BCE until 722 BCE

        – Who was its leader?
        There were several, the most famous of which were King Saul, King David, and King Solomon. There were others.

        – Who controlled Gaza before the 1967 war?
        Egypt (now it’s controlled by Hamas)

        Who controlled the ‘West Bank”?

        Were they part of this Jewish country to which you support?
        See above.

        The West Bank is legally disputed territory. According to Resolution 242 (and the Oslo Accords, and a bunch of other agreements), the final borders are to be determined via negotiation. (You might want to look up the “Three Nos” from the Khartoum Conference that was held just a few months after the 6-Day War.)

        to expand the grand plan of Greater Israel. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENING. RIGHT?
        You appear not to have noticed that Israel has, since 1967, withdrawn from all of Sinai (a very large area), withdrawn from Gaza, withdrawn from parts of the West Bank (95% of whose Palestinian population is under the control of the Palestinian Authority).

        • mzk1_1

          See? Hate is overrated. The big problem is that so many people believe, as in Ronald Reagan’s famous statement, things “that just ain”t so”. (I am referring to the person whose question you are answering.)

        • Quaestor

          I wouldn’t say the West Bank is “legally” disputed territory. “Legally” it belongs to the Jewish Homeland stated in the San Remo Treaty, adopted by the League of Nations (that goes for Jordan, too!). It may be “disputed” by those who wish it were not so, but the infamous mantra “against international law” does not stand up to logical scrutiny – that is ill-founded rhetorical bluster.

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  • muslimgirl

    just in case you guys wanna know more what is islam actually, feel free to skype me nisaa.sahar
    pls, a diplomatic discussion would much more be appreciated :)

  • rezareza

    hi ,say smthing?

  • rezareza

    Hi, I ‘m God, Jehovah,Allah.I had to come down to thank u everyone for fighting for me…u know each of urs God.But fight for me needs to be done with COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE of what my TEACHINGS are.
    I see everyone cursing rather ME in attacking others.The ‘Religiously -half- literate underage’ caused me more pain when I saw my children, my kin my family the ‘Adam’s Children being hurt.
    What the hell do u know about my commandments…!!!!
    Don’t Hurt …is the first ….!
    Don’t look down upon anyone….!
    Don’t judge as I am the Judge…!!!!
    Forgive so that I forgive You…!
    So kiddies, I sent sooooo many beautiful religions that would make the world a beautiful,peaceful and harmonized place .But contrarily, you’re adding more and more rubbish by using the very same beautiful names as Judaism,Islam and sometimes Christianity.
    Either follow my true teachings which don’t foster or allow bad feelings or CUT THIS HURTFUL(TO ME,I mean) CRAP !
    NOW that you look silent…I order you to forgive and forget .NOW be goodies and shake hands or I’ll turn your ankles.
    Ausie Dear..Don’t use that word ever again, anywhere,leave alone even in my distant reference !!!
    Time to go.
    If you do want to leave a comment ,Beware I AM GOD ,RIGHT.
    I mean, say it in your heart and i’ll read it there .
    I don’t want personal things to go public.
    And MR ROWAN ATKINSON,either say yes or no but pity my kin.

    • mzk1_1

      Does the term “pretentious” mean anything to you?

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